October 7th excerpt:

Sam directed Jacob on where to lower him down, pointing out the ground directly next to the rear driver’s side tire. That would put him closest to his panic room entrance and shorten the journey.

From down on the ground next to the tire, Sam saw a rare perspective of the Impala– his home. She loomed overhead, all shadows underneath and chrome overhead throwing the sunlight back at Jacob. It could have been an intimidating scene, the ceiling over Sam’s head a confusing landscape of car parts that only Dean knew how to navigate, but instead Sam felt safe here. The Impala was as much his as it was Dean’s, as Dean would insist whenever he was working on her.

Sam turned back to Jacob. “I’m going to open the door on the driver’s side to let you in, okay?” he said seriously. “It’ll be a few minutes, but I’ll get there.”

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