December 6th excerpt:

“Our work saves people,” Sam pointed out the flaw in Logan’s argument. “After this,” he waved at Logan’s size, “are you really going to argue against magic and monsters? With me?

December 5th excerpt:

“Oh?” Sam said blandly. "Are you sure you weren’t imagining these ‘other sprites?’ I know people like me are easy to mistake… I’ve heard house elves, gnomes, borrowers… sprites is a new one…”

He received a flat look in return. “I didn’t know what the fuck you were,” Logan assured him. “Still don’t. But you’re not a sprite, that’s for damn sure.”

December 4th excerpt:

“Spiders are arachnids,” Sam absently corrected as he patted Rumsfeld’s nose and the dog slid down in the dirt until he was laying down with his chin flat against the ground for Sam to dismount. “They have eight legs, not six.”

December 3rd excerpt:

For a moment, Logan thought Dean had shoved him into the exhaust pipe, a dark metal corridor that he wanted no part in. He could only imagine toxic smoke belching forth out of the dark to smother him. However, when he jolted to his feet and checked his hands, there was no grimy residue, only some dust. His frown deepened as he tried to figure out what the opening was even for.

“Are you kidding me? What if there is something that bites me all to shit?!” he called down.

“Just kick it!” came Dean’s not-so-helpful advice. “You’ve got boots, put ‘em to use!”

December 2nd excerpt:

Logan had no idea what was to come. Uncertainty was unsettling, and nerves only begot more griping. “What are you expecting me to help with? Can’t really do an oil change like this.”

“Trust me, the day I need help doing an oil change is the day I don’t deserve the car,” Dean muttered as he repositioned himself underneath the entrance to the panic room tunnel.

December 1st excerpt:

Dean hesitated when he heard the small voice cut across the quiet morning air.


He’d become so tied up in his repairs, he’d forgotten all about the other hunter. A smile quirked at the edge of his lips as a thought occurred to him.

Logan probably wouldn’t like it.

November 30th excerpt:

The entrance to Sam’s panic room remained intact and hidden, and it was Dean’s first place he wanted to check over. It needed to remain secured to the bottom of the underbelly while staying hidden, or it would lose its effectiveness.

Poking a finger in the entrance to make sure it was clear of any obstructions, Dean resolved to bug Sam later on to double check that no animals were roosting within. It would be a quick day’s work to pull off the tunnel and chase any birds or mice into the fields, and take care of any possible spiders.

With a grunt, Dean wiped down the outside of the pipe.

November 29th excerpt:

The next toss, his paper clip sailed upward, higher than Jacob had managed before. A quiet clink accompanied it landing atop the nightstand.

“Ha!” he said triumphantly. Despite his own weariness, he made it. He looked aside at Dean. “Did you see– oh,” he stopped, finally noticing that Dean had fallen asleep right there on the floor.

November 28th excerpt:

Once he had a decent idea of the lay of the land, which changed quite often with Sherlock and John’s eclectic style of organization, Dean’s legs tensed.

Without any warning, he bolted for the entrance to the walls near John’s armchair.

November 14th excerpt:

“So, how do we get this started?”

Now,” Dean said pointedly, his grin broadening, “you get the biggest honor of all.”

With a grandiose gesture, Dean waved towards the floor near the agent’s feet. “You get to offer me a lift to the floor so we can get this party started.”