November 9th excerpt:

Before he could retreat more than a hair, Sam darted forward with his own hands, landing them on top of John’s fingertip. “Agreed!” he echoed his older brother.

John’s finger nearly flinched in tandem with Dean’s much smaller hand, but he managed to breathe and keep it still, taking Dean’s cue for when to shake his finger up and down ever so slightly.

His eyes widened and his jaw nearly dropped when Sam’s tiny hands joined both of Dean’s.

November 8th excerpt:

Struck by a thought, John carefully reached a hand toward the brothers, extending a finger to Dean with an amiable look in his eye. “Shake on it?”

Dean recoiled from the hand, his eyes darting from the extended finger up to John’s expression to read his intent. Spotting nothing but honesty in the planes of John’s face, he hesitantly reached forward.

As his hand approached the waiting finger, Dean’s much smaller fingers brushed against the thick skin and flinched. Reaching forward again, Dean gripped John’s fingertip, finding his entire hand inadequate to cover the entire surface. Using that same determination, Dean reached out with his second hand as well, clasping the rest of John’s fingertip and a bit of his nail, the rigid surface ungiving between Dean’s hands as he shook them up once, then down.

November 7th excerpt:

He finally noticed that Sam was tugging at his sleeve. The younger boy was looking up at Dean, his expressive eyes full of worry. “What?” Dean said, his tone sharp with the lingering exhaustion from the night before combined with the stress of waking up with Sam and John both missing from the bedroom.

“There’s bacon,” Sam said simply, pulling Dean’s sleeve in the direction of the food. “John made it. It’s good!” He tugged harder at Dean’s arm. “Please?”

November 6th excerpt:

With the map spread out on the seat next to the teenager, Dean could survey their path from above with a bird’s eye view, but there was something about being down, on the map, that always appealed to him. Once he finished off his last bite, he took the initiative to slide down Jacob’s sleeve to join in on the planning.

Letting go of Jacob’s sleeve a few inches from the ground, Dean landed with a thump, rolling to catch his balance and coming out of the roll to land on both feet. The motion was as agile as any cat landing on their feet, graceful for a man of less than four inches. The only thing that ruined the move was a slight stumble as he skid to a stop, the paper unexpectedly wrinkling under his boots from the added weight.

November 5th excerpt:

“Lucky I’m such a morning person,” Jacob joked. “We could get on the road for a bit before grabbing some breakfast. Since nowhere will be open yet.” He lowered his hand to the desk for Dean so he could at least get himself ready for the trip.

“And then onwards! To the next hunt!” Dean boasted loudly as he slid off Jacob’s hand.

November 4th excerpt:

Jacob’s hand reached for the nightstand, ready to switch off the alarm. Then, his mind finally caught up enough to remember I didn’t set an alarm. He ended up diverting his reach before he could bowl Dean over, resting his fingers at the edge of the nightstand instead. He propped himself up enough to send the tiny guy a bewildered look, catching up to why he was on the nightstand and not right next to his head like he’d thought.

“Dude,” he mumbled, giving Dean as much exasperation as he could. “What the shit.”

November 3rd excerpt:

“Hey, Dean, why don’t you show Nate your place?” Stan suggested, lowering the hand holding Dean next to the little box set up for him. He hoped that giving him something to do would be better than leaving him on the same counter while he rummaged through the cabinets for a minute or two.

Dean’s eyebrows rose, and he looked between the two humans. “Uh, right!” he said, raising his voice to be heard over the crackle of the onions cooking.

November 2nd excerpt:

Stan stiffened from head to toe the second Dean set foot on his hand, struck by the no-longer-familiar sensation. He was just so tiny, most of Stan’s fingers outsized Dean and that was far from a comfort. Though Stan could only remember bits and pieces of the last borrower he’d ever held, he remembered them being so much bigger in his hands.

He wasn’t a child anymore. He’d grown up, and his hands were no exception.

November 1st excerpt:

“Why don’t you two hang out for a bit?” Nate suggested to the both of them, gently moving his hand away from his chest. He was careful to shift slowly so Dean wasn’t leaning on or clinging to his shirt; it wouldn’t do to have the little fella fall off his hand. “I’ve got dinner to start, shouldn’t take too long but I’ll need both hands.”

Despite blinking confusedly at Nathan, Stan’s hands rose to meet his as Nate held Dean out to him, and they stayed there awaiting the borrower.

October 30th excerpt:

Stan kept a steady hand on Juno to make sure she didn’t get too close to Dean. He could plainly see how nervous the little guy was, and he glanced between Dean and Nate, still trying to figure out what his fiance was trying to tell him. Nate gave a small nod toward the borrower in his hand, indicating that Stan should pay attention, so that’s where Stan’s focus went.

“Easy, girl,” Stan soothed. Juno was a little sluggish from her meal, but he couldn’t risk her getting overexcited around someone so small. The German Shepherd was curious and resisted his grip, lurching forward just enough so that her nose grazed Dean’s tiny hand before Nathan could draw back out of her reach.


Artwork by @wolfie180g!