Bree was very into exploration before she was taken– in fact, the poor dear was doing just that when she got caught!

If she’d never been taken away, she would have pushed the boundaries more and more as she grew older, bringing her friend Krissy, willing or not, along with her as she went. She’s the type that would be more likely to strike out after she grew up and find her own place to live, perhaps bringing a family with her or finding new people on her own.

Krissy at least had that less familial feel to her when they grew up together, and Sam always looked out for the girl, helping her get supplies to support her family. She’s very introverted, and never went out to the rooms on her own, a big reason Walt chose to move in with her and her mother and little brother after losing his Mallory and assuming Sam was dead.

Based on how my husband ended up (with three sisters and his mother) compared to other friends of ours, Sam would be inured to subjects like that, used to it as a part of life.

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