Briella Watch in Brothers Consulted

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Comment: I feel REALLY bad for poor Bree in Brothers Consulted. In a way, aside from Mark and Anita who had to deal with being under Euan’s control for years, Bree had to undergo being taken away from her family (at least Mallory most likely survived this au), being forced to become a pet to a family of criminals with all sans one treating her like a doll, THEN getting shipped away to London and away from the only stability in her life (aka Beth) to get marked with a brand, and had she not gotten rescued, who knows what would’ve happened to her. And, unlike the others, she’s kind of alone in the whole situation. Mikael, Kara and Christian have each other. Anita and Mark got reunited. Even Dean and Sam were lucky enough to stick together through their whole ordeal on making it to London. Bree’s got nobody and since her family is back in the US, she’ll have to make the biggest adjustment of all since she has to probably learn how to borrow all over again.

Yes, Bree absolutely has the roughest path of the Americans they saved! Luckily for her, the British borrower population is very welcoming. Anyone that Sam and Dean are in contact with would take her in with open arms, and of course at the moment she can stay with the Winchesters during her initial recovery. 

Her most important issue will be keeping her separate from humans, since right now she’s the most conditioned out of the crew they rescued. They can’t have her going back to humans and end up where she started at. 


(Story 7 of the Brothers Apart series and the end of Season One)

The brothers are working an easy case in Hibbing, Minnesota when they’re reminded just how delicate their situation is. The reminder? A cold bucket of water in the face for Dean, and a world of trouble for Sam.

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, John Winchester, Walt Watch, Kara Bolt, Christian Bolt, Briella Watch, Mikael Foyer

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Artwork by Heartstores

Bree was very into exploration before she was taken– in fact, the poor dear was doing just that when she got caught!

If she’d never been taken away, she would have pushed the boundaries more and more as she grew older, bringing her friend Krissy, willing or not, along with her as she went. She’s the type that would be more likely to strike out after she grew up and find her own place to live, perhaps bringing a family with her or finding new people on her own.

Krissy at least had that less familial feel to her when they grew up together, and Sam always looked out for the girl, helping her get supplies to support her family. She’s very introverted, and never went out to the rooms on her own, a big reason Walt chose to move in with her and her mother and little brother after losing his Mallory and assuming Sam was dead.

Based on how my husband ended up (with three sisters and his mother) compared to other friends of ours, Sam would be inured to subjects like that, used to it as a part of life.

Dean would be a little more hesitant to stab if he was caught by a woman. Not so gung-ho with his knife, and trying to take things slower. He’ll still defend himself if he has to, but he’ll try to talk things out (laying on the charm real thick).

If Dean caught a tiny girl, he’d feel just awful XD As we’ve seen, both brothers flail when a girl or woman gets emotional on them, so some tears and he’ll be hard-pressed to keep her trapped. How dangerous can she be?

(If she’s sassy instead of teary, there will be many snark battles between them before they get anywhere. He can’t resist a sass off.)

Sam and Bree have more of a brother-sister relationship, and that would be enhanced if he grew up with her. He’d look out for her, and they’d grow close throughout the years, but he wouldn’t flirt with her. Krissy might not be his type, but he’d be more likely to flirt with her.

It’s very difficult to say who would have what knack! We’ve straightened out a few of the rules for their knacks, but each persons is completely unique. Siblings normally have abilities that complement each other, just like Sam and Dean. With no sibling, Jacob’s is standalone. The closer the siblings, the more their abilities complement each other.

Mallory would likely have something that would help her see into the hearts of others, while Walt would at least *want* something to help his family. That’s a cute thought for Bree! Very Alice-in-Wonderlandish.

Wings of Freedom


AU: Brothers Apart

Timeline: During the Winchesters three month stay at Trails West after Taken

Bree gasped as she saw a large, blue-winged butterfly swoop down from the edge of the roof she was sitting under next to Sam. Its beautiful, iridescent wings caught the last beams of sunlight, shimmering a radiant color she hadn’t seen before.

Sam laughed, holding out his good arm. The butterfly was not bothered by the two small people standing there, and alighted on his arm, antennae brushing against his hair and tickling at his face. Sam turned towards Bree. “Have you seen one before?” he asked, his eyes glowing.

She nodded, her eyes wide. “But only from the window in Beth’s room,” she confided in Sam.

“Here,” he said, clasping her hand. The butterfly curiously walked over his jacket, its delicate feet picking at the fabric. “But don’t touch the wings,” he warned, looking at the scales. “They’re very delicate, and you could rub the scales off.”

Her mouth was open in awe as the delicate creature made its way up to her shoulder, brushing at her golden blonde locks as it examined her. The beautiful wings opened and closed slowly a few times, and then the delicate feet pushed off.

She and Sam watched the butterfly flap a few times, quickly circling around them before veering back into the sky, resuming its search for flowers. The two small people under the overhang were calm and the girl was colorful, but they had no sustenance to offer, and so the butterfly’s journey was not over.

Character Profile: Briella Watch


Name: Briella (Bree) Watch

Age: 23

Height: 5′4″ || 3.37″

Species: Borrowers/Littles

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Gender: Female

Known Abilities: Quiet when among her own people, she’s imprinted on humans more than others are comfortable with. She still retains some of her climbing skills, but they’ve waned since she lived free.

Background: Bree was a carefree spirit, wanting to live up to her father’s skills at slipping in and out of motel rooms. Because of this, she was caught by a human family and given to their daughter, Beth, as a pet. Walt was forced to watch his baby girl be torn from his life with no way of stopping it.

Bree was even taken from Beth when her family was overcome with greed, agreeing to sell the tiny girl off to Mina Chandler with the others they’ve caught.

Quote: It’s all so different from here… it looks so… small.

Artwork by @mogadeer

To Protect a Family


AU: Brothers Apart

Timeline: Before Bree is taken

Walt nearly held his breath, his eyes locked on his target.

Sitting not one foot from where he was crouched in hiding, the dustbunnies looming over his head, a gleam of metal could be seen sticking out from underneath a bag casually dropped there by the room’s resident human.

Soon that man would leave, and Walt was banking on that man leaving behind the forgotten razor, a discard from his exacto-knife that meant nothing to the human but could mean the difference between life or death to the much smaller man.

Slow breath out, careful breath in.

Use the silence as a cloak. Walt’s hair, normally so vibrantly blond, was dark and dirty, coated in dust and dirt from the walls. His fair skin was the same, making him hard to spot in his black and brown clothing. Mallory had just made it, his darkest set for his supply runs. He was just a shadow in the dark, able to see his surroundings better than any human ever could in the shadows.

The creak of the floorboards under the human’s gargantuan weight heralded the man coming back over to the beds. A shadow fell over Walt’s surroundings, making him fade even more into the darkness. He shut his mouth tight, holding his breath.

The man never spotted Walt hiding there, or the discarded razor left behind. He merely grabbed his backpack off the ground, slinging it onto his arms with quick motions that would sent Walt flying, and headed for the door.

And that was it.

Walt remained in hiding for another ten minutes, waiting out the human. The roar of an engine was heard outside the door, and that quickly faded into the distance. Another human, off on another day of unimaginable activities and actions. Walt didn’t know what humans did with their time, but he knew what they did in the motel. It all seemed so calm compared to the fight he lived each and every day to keep his Mallory and Bree safe and sound.

Darting into the open, he scooped up the razor and tucked it into his jacket. Tonight he could check how sharp the edges were, and use the sharpening stones he’d slowly gathered to hone it into a weapon. Rats always tried to encroach on their home, and with this he now had a worthy weapon, ready to fight them off and protect his family.

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Oh dear, boop the cuties.

That really depends on the little in question. For instance, Bree isn’t going to mind one bit. She’s used to contact with humans, and considers it completely normal. Oscar, on the other hand, has never really had close contact with humans and is always baffled when Dean insists on messing with his mousy hair.

Dean as a little will be completely offended that someone is messing with his spike, while Sam is resigned, considering how often Dean fluffs it into a mess. Dean’s way of saying you should really cut this.


Artwork by @mogadeer