Lots of the little guys get mischievous from time to time all over the place. Whether they prank each other or any friendly humans relies on who’s around, but I can guarantee we’ve got more pranks coming up.

Whether it be a good idea or not, of course, depends on who they’re pranking.

I have nothing written for the field borrowers, but check out this little drabble from the future of BA:

Xander snorted, his hands tightening on the bucket of water he was holding against his chest. “You’re the one that’s always telling me to loosen up a little. You should take your own advice.”

“But Xander! ” Barry said, practically whining at this point in his desperation to get Xander to listen. He’d been steadfastly ignored for the last ten minutes of their trip. “What if he finds out it was us? Havin’ a drink with a human is one thing, prankin’ him is somethin’ else altogether!”

“We’ll be fine! ” Xander insisted, even as a small part of him flinched from the thought. “He won’t even know it was us, guaranteed.” He pointed ahead. “That branch is perfect. Look.”

The branch indicated hung several feet in the air, leaves gently rustling in the breeze. The most notable part of it currently was the fact it hung right above the immense, sleeping human.

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