Happy Anniversary!

It’s been over a year since Brothers Apart began to post online, and how far it’s come. There are eight complete stories, a slew of prompts, fanart and commissioned arts alike, and an entire tumblr dedicated to the world of four-inch Sam. Remember, it wouldn’t be here without all the support I get, between the comments, questions, reviews and just plain interest in the story, there would be no reason for me to write! Keep the love coming and I’ll keep the stories coming

For the surprise, I’m pleased to present my short story, Out of the Frying Pan. At first glance it may seen completely unrelated, but you will be seeing these three characters again in the future of Brothers apart. Specifically, season three. The short story actually occurs during the end of The Schism of Fire and Water. Now you know what Garen, Bardolph and Xander are dealing with even as Sam is ending the threat of the fire sprites.

If anyone’s interested, take a look back at where it all began: Brothers Apart

And of course, take a look towards where the story will be heading when we reach the season three story, Brothers Apart: Captives!

Out of the Frying Pan

Archive of Our Own || Fanfiction || Deviantart

Garen, Barry and Xander all © @nightmares06

Masterpost of Brothers Apart

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