Legend of the Nix:

The magic of a water sprite is at its strongest within the pure freshwater streams. Because of this, in ancient times when a person who was dying sought healing summoned a sprite, legends began to circulate.

Nixie and her sisters must drown the victim, in order to heal them. This reflected poorly on the sprites, and their summoning began to happen rarer and rarer, until even the technique of summoning was lost. The legend of the Nix and Nixe spread, inspired by Nixie’s name. Nixie was one of the sprites that answered the call most often, helping where she could, at least until people grew afraid of her magic. It was this fear that caused the summoning of the sprites to cease and stories spread of men being dragged into the depths, never to be seen again.

Immersion was commissioned from the wonderful GlobFish on deviantart! Send them some love

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