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Sticking with the wood sprites, they don’t tend to have big parties or anything, but they do mark the passing of a year more or less. It’s kind of loose – they keep track of what season they were born in. Bowman Leafwing, for example, is a winter birth, while Rischa Songbird is a spring birth. So, when winter rolls around Bowman ages up one year and gets all the congratulations. His aunt might make him something nice if he’s been keeping out of trouble (or at least trying).

For general celebrations involving more of the community, they’ll tend to gather in the clearing within their clearing (a circular clearing, it is their literal fairy ring). They’ll have singing and drums and dancing, usually, and just have fun out there until it’s time to get some rest. Festivals like this tend to happen more spontaneously; they don’t do the same one every year at the same time, but rather when something noteworthy happens, they have a party and then the next day someone has to ink the story in the Archives.

September 19th excerpt:

Younger sprites, many of them restless after being kept inside so much in recent days, hoisted themselves up on the window sills. Any kid that spotted Sam on Dean’s shoulder sent him excited waves. More than one nestling dropped back to the floor in their home with quiet thumps in their excitement to see the sprite-sized human, especially when he waved back with a grin.

Eclipse over Wellwood


With the eclipse going on, I couldn’t help thinking about what the sprites of Wellwood might think if the sun turned black for a few minutes in the middle of the day. Since they don’t have much reason to know what orbits are, they definitely wouldn’t make the connection that it’s the moon getting in the way.

Wellwood was a heartbeat of nervous energy. Cerul stood on the balcony of the cottonwood tree after the last twitchy-winged, concerned mother had fluttered back to her home tree. At last it seemed the tide of endless questions (mostly the same one) had ended. The sky and the air itself took on a strange tint as the last of the black disk slid over the sun far above them.

He only hoped he’d given the right advice. By the currents of worry on the air, he wasn’t sure.

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I actually had to go digging around for these notes from about a year ago XD I have put thought into this several times before.

((Don’t worry! Castiel is still in Brothers Apart and will run into the brothers soon, so none of this is saying she replaces him!))

Directly from notes:

Of the fairy realms, there are three:

Aeternum of the gods,

Avalon of the Seelie,

Pandemonium of the Unseelie.

Avalon, for the fae, is their realm of heaven. Here dwells the Summer Court and the good fairies. Beware making deals even with the good fairies, they will ensnare the unwary in their webs and bring them to their home to service the king.

Aeternum of the gods is the purgatory of the fae. The guardian sprites live within, closer to the human realm than the others. They will attend a summons for help, keeping the balance of nature as commanded by their creators.

Pandemonium is where the Unseelie live and where the Winter Court dwells. The fairy version of hell and where their devil reigns. The fae that live within are wicked and quick to anger, often declared outright evil, though much like demons there are shades of grey within this truth.

(All of this is true in the Brothers Apart verses, not necessarily the Supernatural show. I took their lore and expanded it)

All this being said, the elemental sprites are some of the strongest of the fae, and because of that they were sequestered to the purgatory of their people, where the world remains unchanging and they can tend to their separate elements and bind any dangers to the other realms to guard over. The Midas amulet being only one of those dangers.

They are close to the leviathans, but without the innate evil and desire to consume the world.

Most aeternum sprites chose to ignore the rest of the worlds and keep to themselves until summoned by their gods to attend to their given tasks.

Nixie is an exception, but thankfully not the only one. We’ll have another sprite like her showing up in the BA verse to help make atonement for what the fire sprites have wrought.

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Art by @lamthetwickster

For the borrowers, they have a 9 month term pregnancy, just like humans! Having a child is more dangerous, because instead of going to a hospital and getting help from a doctor, they have no pain medication and instead rely on a midwife, often a close friend that lives nearby, especially in America, where they’re spread out. In London, they do have more specialized trades, so there would be an actual midwife to help.

Wood sprites tend to have a slightly shorter term. Luckily, they have a strong community around them to help with the birth. In Wellwood, the new mother is usually led somewhere just outside the village when it’s time, and then once the baby is born and cleaned up they come back home. Mama rests and everyone holds the new baby sprout. Thank the Spirit that wood sprites are born with their wings all curled up!

NekoNoKami23: How many different types of sprites are there?
Neon: Wood sprites, water sprites, fire sprites, air sprites, wraith sprites, and shadow sprites
nightmares06: And four sprite types in aeternum
nightmares06: Water, Air, Earth and Fire
BorrowedTime24601B: Then everything changed when the Fire sprites attacked xD
Neon: XD literally tho

TorchMLP: I’ve got a question for Neon
TorchMLP: So sprites don’t really have access to thread like other borrowers, so what do they use to make their clothes?
Neon: Depends on the sprites! Sticking to the Wellwood sprites, they actually have a cottonwood tree and it provides plenty of fiber for them to twist into threads.
TorchMLP: Oh cool! What do they use for dye?
Neon: Whatever they can find xD since green is a common available hue a lot of their clothes are some shade of green. They can use flowers and stuff like that for color too, though
Neon: Bowman’s scarf is yellow, for example. Most probably from dandelion dye