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So would meeting little Oscar turn out fairly similar in the Brothers Saved AU as it did in Brothers Together? It would be interesting to see the dynamic when Oscar and Dean are the “same size” (we all know Oscar would still be smaller, poor guy!), but would their relationship change too much based on their sizes? Frankly, Oscar could be put in every AU and I would be happy. 👍🏼

Aww, lil Oscar and a much-smaller Dean than usual!

As it happens, this is one of the future ideas we have for the AU, and it’s going to be very different from Brothers Together!

For a hint, Dean will actually already know a lot of the survival techniques for living as a borrower by the time he meets the wee kiddo, as someone else will be teaching him that!

Their relationship will probably be a lot less scare on Dean’s part now that he’s not the big huge teenager, and Sam’s nowhere near as intimidating as Dean can be.

I agree! Oscar in all AUs.

If anyone else has any prompt ideas for Brothers Saved, drop us a line and let us know!

We need more Kara, Sean and Dean moments.

We really do!

There might not be anything currently planned in BA with these three, but that’s not the only AU around, and Kara will certainly be showing up in the future to be cute with her Dean!


Before he could step up, Kara darted past both of the men. “You forgot your hook, mister!” she called to Dean, prying it from the edge and brandishing it at him.

Dean waved at her. “How ‘bout you hang onto that for me?” he called back. “Just be sure to take good care of it.”

“I will!” she proclaimed proudly.


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We definitely plan on continuing BT in the future!

There’s a few ideas in the works, including the thought of them returning to Trails West where Sam was first cursed. Walt and the others are still there, and it might be interesting to see their reaction to the brothers in this series!

Nope, this isn’t what will happen in the Mystery AU… but this exact thing will happen in Brothers Lost, and Jacob will have to deal with a snarky little guy he finds trying to snitch his pie. The guesses are getting closer, and a new preview was earned for Brothers Lost:

It was easier to see the miniature leather jacket and black tee. The tiny man even had denim jeans on and what looked like leather boots. Jacob glanced aside to the little duffel he had discarded. He wondered where the leather all came from.

The little guy looked like a little biker or something. Holy shit.

Jacob’s smile returned and he reached out with his free hand to brush at the hem of the jacket before finding one of the little arms and lightly pinching it between his finger and thumb. Jacob was amazed; those tiny fingers could practically press into the ridges of his fingerprints! One hand wasn’t enough to cover even his pinky fingertip.

“Holy shit,” Jacob echoed.

This was no hallucination. This was real. He had actually found a tiny little man in his motel room. A motel, of all places. How in the world had he even survived at a size like this?

“Dude, what are you, some kinda borrower or something?”

Dean tried to rip his arm from the grip of the thick fingers. “What are you, some kind of Godzilla or something?” he mimed back without missing a beat.

Dean managed to get Walt to make him his own leather jacket and a leather bag just like Sam… only his ended up shaped just like the bag he lost when he shrank, so he’s got a very little duffel bag! This story is under construction right this moment and we’re very excited for how it’s going!

Well, they’d be trapped in that motel. Saved by Walt and Mallory, stuck waiting in a motel with their lives going nowhere unless…

Oh, wait. This is one of those times when I get an idea for an entire crossover AU.

How about we call it Brothers Lost?

He was supposed to be out there. Saving people. Hunting things.

He wasn’t supposed to be the victim. Trapped by a witch and a curse that tore his entire world away. Everything gone but Sam himself.

Send in any prompts you think of for this idea and read the little drabble I came up with below! 

I’m thinking if it gets written in its entirety, it’ll be added into the supply of AU ideas that have been written out and I’ll poll for which of these stories people want posted once A Lich of Sense is finished! (Some AU’s contain spoilers for that story)

Other AU’s created for this so far include Brothers Together and the ‘verse where a kid finds Sam before Dean. And one that no one has guessed so far. And now Brothers Lost.

“You know, you’ve done a lot of stupid things before, but this has to take the cake!”

Dean rolled his eyes and didn’t break stride. Sam had to walk faster to catch up, grumbling about his older brother’s stubborn behavior.

“Dammit, Dean. We can’t go into that room. We have no idea when that kid’s coming back. Hell, for all we know he just stepped outside to take a smoke!”

Sam finally got a hand on Dean’s shoulder, and tried to whirl him around. Dean caught his arm and used his momentum against him, sending him flying into the ground with a practiced motion. He grinned down at the frazzled Sam he was holding down. “You’re getting soft there, kiddo.”

Sam made a face and kicked up with a leg. He managed to catch Dean’s side, flipping him onto the ground in seconds. “You were saying, jackass?”

“Get off me.”

Sam helped Dean to his feet. “C’mon, let’s just head back, wait until it’s night. We can hit the room then. Walt never has to know we were here.”

Dean threw him a look. “All you do is argue with Walt! I can’t believe what I’m hearing!”

“Sure, I argue with him, but this? And for what – a slice of pie?”

Dean held out his arms. “How often do we see a slice of pie left out in a room? Hell, how often do we see it just vanish into the fridge whether they remember it or not? Sam, I’ve got to try. We might not get this chance again!”

It hurt for him to admit that, but it was sadly true for them both. Thirteen years ago, they’d gone to a motel with their dad. He was on a hunt, searching for missing children in the area.

He’d left them alone in the room.

Dean wasn’t completely sure what had happened that night. He could remember a woman, standing inside the door. The door itself bolted shut. Himself, slammed against the wall.

A flash of white hitting Sam.

Before Dean could react past the shock that covered his face, the same flash had slammed into him.

Then he was falling.

The next thing he could remember was waking up, his entire world changed. It was dark. Closed off. Two people were in the room watching over them. A woman, her blonde hair and blue eyes gentle as she helped Dean off of the stacked up fabric. She was tiny, even next to himself as a kid. In fact, Sam wasn’t far off of her height back then. He’d outgrown her in only a few years.

Mallory and Walt had tried to convince him, but he didn’t want to see the truth. He didn’t want to hear that he’d been cursed and stood under four inches tall.

He’d found Sam. They’d tried to run off into dark corridors, following dusty paths. Walt had found them in time to get them to safety. In his urgency, Dean had burst into an occupied motel room.

Occupied by giants.

Over the years they’d both come to terms with their new lives. Walt and Mallory had helped them adjust to the way things were. Finding supplies, knowing where and when to find food. All the lessons that they both needed to know to survive.

These days, Dean lived on his own. He’d found a place to make his own and had spent his time adjusting it to be livable just like Walt and Mallory had done with their own. Mallory helped him with fabrics, making up wall hangings to drape on the walls and covers for his own nest of blankets. Sam had a bed of his own back with Walt and Mallory. Dean had insisted that his younger brother use it back when they’d discovered it in abandoned motel room.

Sam came to stay with him more often than not. It didn’t feel right to be too far apart after everything they’d survived together. Dean knew that it was assumed that Sam would eventually court Krissy, but Sam was uncomfortable with the idea. There were no girls in the area that were Dean’s age, so he was left on his own.

To brood, mostly.

Which was why Sam had a habit of showing up at the worst times, trying to keep his big brother’s mind off of their situation.

Like right now, when he was trying to sneak into a room where the guest had left out a slice of pie.

I mean, who can turn down a slice of pie?

One of my favorite titles for a story, I think. Sam and Dean have a case waiting for them in the woods of northern Illinois and no one can tell if it’s what they’re expecting to find. Just a local ‘problem with the wolves.’ I think Dean puts it best…

“This don’ make a lick of sense…”