Nope, this isn’t what will happen in the Mystery AU… but this exact thing will happen in Brothers Lost, and Jacob will have to deal with a snarky little guy he finds trying to snitch his pie. The guesses are getting closer, and a new preview was earned for Brothers Lost:

It was easier to see the miniature leather jacket and black tee. The tiny man even had denim jeans on and what looked like leather boots. Jacob glanced aside to the little duffel he had discarded. He wondered where the leather all came from.

The little guy looked like a little biker or something. Holy shit.

Jacob’s smile returned and he reached out with his free hand to brush at the hem of the jacket before finding one of the little arms and lightly pinching it between his finger and thumb. Jacob was amazed; those tiny fingers could practically press into the ridges of his fingerprints! One hand wasn’t enough to cover even his pinky fingertip.

“Holy shit,” Jacob echoed.

This was no hallucination. This was real. He had actually found a tiny little man in his motel room. A motel, of all places. How in the world had he even survived at a size like this?

“Dude, what are you, some kinda borrower or something?”

Dean tried to rip his arm from the grip of the thick fingers. “What are you, some kind of Godzilla or something?” he mimed back without missing a beat.

Dean managed to get Walt to make him his own leather jacket and a leather bag just like Sam… only his ended up shaped just like the bag he lost when he shrank, so he’s got a very little duffel bag! This story is under construction right this moment and we’re very excited for how it’s going!

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