Sam: I think I’ll just stick with hands unless they really need the magnifying glass…

Dean: No one’s getting close to me with a magnifying glass, not so long as they want to keep that hand. This knife ain’t made to just look pretty, y’know.

Jacob: Magnifying glass and tweezers? Dude. That’d suck. No matter how careful they are, I don’t know if they’ll slip or pinch me. It’d feel like they were trying to do science or something.

Bowman: I’d really prefer neither. I can take care of myself better than any giant. But if I have to choose, I would prefer they just use their hands. That way they can feel if I need to kick them to keep ‘em in line!

Oscar: Um… They’d both make me really nervous. I don’t … I don’t know! I-I guess … the magnifying glass would be less crowded.

Bree: What’s wrong with hands and having their face close? I think the metal tweezers sounds so much worse!

Zepheera: Wow, er…really glad I heal too quickly to need help like that. I guess if I had the choice, I’d rather not have a great big face in my personal space. And as long as I trusted those hands, I’d go with those. Tweezers are no fun.

Jacob, Bowman and Oscar © @neonthewrite

Briella Watch © @nightmares06

Zepheera © @borrowedtimeandspace

I honestly have the same problem a lot of times. Instead of picking up a book or reading that fic I’m behind on online, I’ll go through our files and find a story we wrote to reread. It’s the most addicting. And some of our future stories, like the horror story, are full novel sized.

I’m glad you share my obsession! 😀

You would think with one main story and six AUs of it we’d have plenty to keep us busy, but instead here I am musing and trying to name a seventh one because I’m a masochist and clearly the world needs more BA.

Just to let everyone know, we’ve certainly never forgotten about the young canon Winchester bros + kiddo Oscar! From time to time we throw story ideas around and this is one of our favorite ones so far! Once we get enough ideas going, I’m sure it’ll become a full-fledged story like so many before it :3

Tiny Oscar and young Sam Winchester are too much cute to contain! Dean will have to keep a stern eye on this pair, if only to keep Sam from feeding Oscar candy constantly.

Oscar the OC © @neonthewrite

Wonderful artwork commissioned from GTPanda! Give them all the love for their amazing skills!

Thanks for clearing that up! It just definitely feels like the poll gets a lot of complaints whenever it’s time to start and I get fed up with it all. We want everyone to feel involved, but we don’t want favoritism so yeah. The poll was the best way to randomize it all.