Sam: I think I’ll just stick with hands unless they really need the magnifying glass…

Dean: No one’s getting close to me with a magnifying glass, not so long as they want to keep that hand. This knife ain’t made to just look pretty, y’know.

Jacob: Magnifying glass and tweezers? Dude. That’d suck. No matter how careful they are, I don’t know if they’ll slip or pinch me. It’d feel like they were trying to do science or something.

Bowman: I’d really prefer neither. I can take care of myself better than any giant. But if I have to choose, I would prefer they just use their hands. That way they can feel if I need to kick them to keep ‘em in line!

Oscar: Um… They’d both make me really nervous. I don’t … I don’t know! I-I guess … the magnifying glass would be less crowded.

Bree: What’s wrong with hands and having their face close? I think the metal tweezers sounds so much worse!

Zepheera: Wow, er…really glad I heal too quickly to need help like that. I guess if I had the choice, I’d rather not have a great big face in my personal space. And as long as I trusted those hands, I’d go with those. Tweezers are no fun.

Jacob, Bowman and Oscar © @neonthewrite

Briella Watch © @nightmares06

Zepheera © @borrowedtimeandspace

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