Sam: I think I’ll just stick with hands unless they really need the magnifying glass…

Dean: No one’s getting close to me with a magnifying glass, not so long as they want to keep that hand. This knife ain’t made to just look pretty, y’know.

Jacob: Magnifying glass and tweezers? Dude. That’d suck. No matter how careful they are, I don’t know if they’ll slip or pinch me. It’d feel like they were trying to do science or something.

Bowman: I’d really prefer neither. I can take care of myself better than any giant. But if I have to choose, I would prefer they just use their hands. That way they can feel if I need to kick them to keep ‘em in line!

Oscar: Um… They’d both make me really nervous. I don’t … I don’t know! I-I guess … the magnifying glass would be less crowded.

Bree: What’s wrong with hands and having their face close? I think the metal tweezers sounds so much worse!

Zepheera: Wow, er…really glad I heal too quickly to need help like that. I guess if I had the choice, I’d rather not have a great big face in my personal space. And as long as I trusted those hands, I’d go with those. Tweezers are no fun.

Jacob, Bowman and Oscar © @neonthewrite

Briella Watch © @nightmares06

Zepheera © @borrowedtimeandspace

All I have to say on this subject is that everyone has to make their own decisions about their relationships, and it’s unhealthy for Sam and Dean to not even try.

Relationships aren’t the end, in life or in stories. They’re just a different kind of beginning, and I don’t see the brothers ever giving up on hunting. In my story or on the TV show.