Future Things in BC

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Will Sam ever meet Mycroft in BC?

It’s not going to be for a long, long time, but yes! We do have plans where Sam will also have the chance to meet Mycroft!

Stan Baker is the agent that they’re going to be in contact with most often, and will be doing the legwork when it comes to any jobs Mycroft has, but we will see Mycroft himself returning in the future. We have quite a bit of the story for BC plotted out, the main task now is actually getting it written down and edited up for posting. Things are getting easier now that @borrowedtimeandspace has graduated college, we’re hoping to hop back into this.

It’s quite fun to put these characters from Supernatural and Sherlock in the same rooms with each other, we’re never quite sure exactly how they’ll react!

Kara Bolt’s knack

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When will we find what Kara’s knack is? It says on the offical knacks thingy that her’s is only unannounced so does that mean she has one?

Yep, she does! Any character with unannounced listed for their knack has one but we’re currently keeping it secret.

Normally it would get announced either when it appears in a story, or when it gets guessed, but since it’s not featured in any stories yet (only just came up with it, after all!), it has to be guessed for everyone to find it out!

The only characters that we revealed the knacks to without having them guessed were John and Mary Winchester, and that’s because right now I’m not planning on any stories for the entire Winchester family to be borrowers currently.

One fun fact about Kara’s knack– Since she’s a natural born borrower, she doesn’t have to wait for her knack to develop! She might not realize it, but she already has her ability. It just needs to manifest.

If anyone is curious about the knacks, check the current masterpost here!

Brothers Saved idea

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So would meeting little Oscar turn out fairly similar in the Brothers Saved AU as it did in Brothers Together? It would be interesting to see the dynamic when Oscar and Dean are the “same size” (we all know Oscar would still be smaller, poor guy!), but would their relationship change too much based on their sizes? Frankly, Oscar could be put in every AU and I would be happy. 👍🏼

Aww, lil Oscar and a much-smaller Dean than usual!

As it happens, this is one of the future ideas we have for the AU, and it’s going to be very different from Brothers Together!

For a hint, Dean will actually already know a lot of the survival techniques for living as a borrower by the time he meets the wee kiddo, as someone else will be teaching him that!

Their relationship will probably be a lot less scare on Dean’s part now that he’s not the big huge teenager, and Sam’s nowhere near as intimidating as Dean can be.

I agree! Oscar in all AUs.

If anyone else has any prompt ideas for Brothers Saved, drop us a line and let us know!

Jack Kline

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Will Jack Kline show up in any of the stories?

He’s not going to show up in any of the BA stories, but he might always show up in a short story if I get inspired. I occasionally do off-the-wall stories like Walk Talland A Ghost from the Past that are set in the later seasons of Supernatural, so it’s never totally off the table. 

And honestly, this bean is just such a cutie. I love when he’s in episodes. Wee nephilim baby, learning from those crazy hunters!

It’s just that Brothers Apart is a huge stretch from where Jack shows up in the series that I don’t really know how I’d make that come about, he’d have to be in a story not related to the early seasons the way BA is.

Information on the Bigfoot’s a Hoax sequel

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Were you planning on doing a sequel for Bigfoot’s a Hoax? Poor Jacob had a little bit of a problem there at the end 😉

You bet!

We have a sequel all planned out that delves deeper into Jacob’s little problem. The story is all plotted out, but we haven’t yet written it. Other stories have been crying out to be told first, but this one is on the list for stuff to tackle!

For now, enjoy the story description of the sequel to Bigfoot’s a Hoax (to be named at a future date)

Chaos Priests work in pairs. One male. One female.

Sam and Dean didn’t know this when they put an end to the one that turned Jacob giant, and his partner is still out there.

And she’s found a far more suitable subject to turn into a giant… One that lives for the chaos of a hunt…

Anonymous message

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This might have been mentioned before but: Are there any au’s where the regular sized brothers find a tiny Jacob?

I think we got the question before, but it’s been a while!

We do have a storyline in mind for a tiny Jacob to meet up with canon Sam and Dean, we just haven’t had the opportunity to write it down as of this time. So, it’s in the works, along with quite a few others!

Tiny Jacob is just too much of a cutie to not put with everyone possible >w> 

Hi! (Off note) I fraking love your blog and stories. (On note) I was just wondering what stories are in the works? I’m super pumped for the first and wanted to know what I should be expecting. Thanks for the writings!

We probably answered this before, but now is as good a time as any for an update!

Brothers Apart– Season 3 has the first story written, but it needs editing and some TLC before it’ll be ready to post. The second story is half-done, and the third is in the idea stage, with a three-part special story chain that will end with quite an interesting twist!

Brothers Lost– We’ve found where the conclusion of season 1 will be! This AU will pull in several characters that our readers might recognize both from our other stories, Supernatural episodes, and some unique OCs that will appear for the first time in BL! Two additional stories are ready for posting now, several others need to be edited and beta’d, and we’re currently writing our way through the Season 1 finale, which we have not had the chance to excerpt! Keep your eyes open for #trtn when it begins to post.

Brothers Consulted– The next story will be posting at the start of the new year :3 We have several stories written, most need editing. Planned seasons for this series will be shorter, just like on the Sherlock TV show, but they’ll be full of action!

Brothers Asunder– Several more stories are complete past Dean of Nowhere, but they need to be edited and beta’d. Many plans are in the works for this AU starring @neonthebright ​‘s sprites.

Brothers Adopted– One more story is completed but needs to be edited and beta’d. Other ideas are in the works to continue the storyline and take it in a very unexpected direction.

Brothers Found– This story will take the very frazzled group back to the Wellwood in the next edition and will pull in a very familiar hunter for those who have read Bowman of Wellwood! After that, there is one more story under construction, but it’s currently on hold while we write other AUs.

Brothers Chosen– The first two stories for this series are finished and waiting to be edited. We also are holding off on posting these until Stan Baker debuts in Brothers Consulted. More stories are planned to follow Stan’s path now that he’s with the Winchesters.

Brothers Discovered– The first story is 50% finished and currently on hold, but there are many plans for this young and adorable crew, and Stan Baker will also be joining up as a kiddo!

Brothers Divided– Two stories are written and need to be edited and beta’d. I know @creatorofuniverses is waiting for her chance to dive at this story after the teasers we’ve put out…

Brothers Grounded– Since this is a bit of an AU for messing around in, we don’t have any completed stories, but there are a few more chapters of fun, and we do plan on jumping back on it once we’ve caught up on some of our other backlogged plans! It’s fun playing around with a Brothers-Lost style Sam and Dean with @neonthebright ​‘s canon storyline.

Brothers Kept– We’re only on the first story, but we’ve also constructed the backbone of the AU, all the way through a storyline crafted for this particularly disturbing version of the BA-verse.

Brothers Remembered– Another AU where we’re working on the first story! We have definite Plans for this one, and a familiar face that some of our giant story readers will remember…

Brothers Saved– Ah, the AU that began as a prompt and grew from there! Both cowriters are interested in pursuing a storyline within this ‘verse, we just haven’t had time to start on the stories. There is another short that was written, and I’m in progress of writing a second as @torchmlp ​‘s contest prize from this year. 

Brothers Together– There is nothing written or in-progress for this AU currently, but we do have some ideas floating around, and of course at some point we’re going to need to show how Oscar did when he reached Bobby’s!

Brothers Unexpected– Two stories, two shorts, and a multitude of ideas! This is just waiting to be beta’d, and we fully expect stories from BU to show up in the next poll.

Brothers United– Half a story written, and lots planned for these poor dorks! Unfortunately, this is the story we were working on when writer’s block hit @nightmares06​ hard, so we put it on hiatus and tried to switch to other projects. Now that the ideas are beginning to flow again, we hope to return to it.

Giant Jacob storyline– There are plans in the works for a sequel, though all we have for it so far is a tagline written out…

We have several more unannounced AUs under construction, and are constantly coming up with more ideas! Feel free to send us in your ideas/headcanons/asks, you never know what might happen!

I keep wondering if the “normal” Winchester dying and returning again is going to be in one of the BA canons. Tbh, I’ve been trying to imagine what each brother’s reaction to the death, the time when they are gone, and the reunion would be. Especially with the actual BA brothers who have already been separated for most of their lives…

Well I can’t lie that it hasn’t been on my mind!

This is definitely a series based on Supernatural, and canon often plays a huge part in story twists. Though neither brother has died in any of the stories yet, don’t discount the possibility. In any AU.

As to this happening in BA, it actually was supposed to occur already, in my original storyline. This plot got scrapped during my falling out with my old editor, and the revamped story is what you see today. Because of that, I did actually have just ONE LINE that I jotted down back in the day.

I’ll leave you with that! (This line is in no way BA canon, and most likely will never be seen in the stories as they are).

“He wasn’t supposed to die before us…” Sam mumbled to the Impala. “We weren’t supposed to lose him.” He curled his legs close to his body, wrapping his arms around his knees.

Okay, stemming off of my last theory/question about Celeste, if she has an awareness of her other selves, does that mean that there is a certain concrete order in which the AU’s occur? (So that she retains the memory of which ways have failed?)

Well, for this I usually stick to the order the AUs were actually created in! (Not necessarily the order they posted in, because we opened up the poll for deciding which story posts next). Not that all apply this way, because some were actually designed around this concept.

First is of course

Brothers Apart, and that’s in front of all other AUs. The original, the first, the basis for all that follows. 

It’s followed by the main ones that we’ve played around with–

Brothers Found,

Brothers Consulted,

Brothers Saved,

Brothers Lost,

Brothers Together, 

Brothers Grounded.

She did throw Sam a bone in Brothers Adopted and Brothers Divided. Maybe if he has a little brother to look after, he’ll keep out of trouble until she needs him.

Maybe if she coaxes them to go to a different motel they’ll keep away from her little experiments? She might lose Sam as a curse victim, but there are other ways in Brothers United.

No more Walt to bother her Sam in Brothers Unexpected

Following that is

Brothers Asunder, when she gets fed up with Sam and Dean. Bowman better watch himself there. She’s seen him interfering a few times.

Sherlock should watch where he sticks his nose, because one of these days she might not just leave him to be the Consulting Detective like he enjoys. Stan got himself in some trouble too, leading to

Brothers Chosen.

Brothers Kept

currently takes place last, though there may be another AU placed around the same basic period with Celeste. Here she’s thrown out the rules and tossed Sam and Dean into the (currently) worst case scenario.

Hello! I️ was wondering what stories are in the works rn and when you will be posting others? I️ was trying to look through your blog but there is SO FREAKING MUCH I️ SWEAR TO CHOCOLATE. Anyways, thank you! Love your writing and your blog! Peace out.

Aww, thank you so much!

Ha, yeah, the blog’s a bit of a mess right now cause I’ve been caught up with rl a lot due to work. I’ll give you a quick rundown, and then I’m gonna try updating stuff over here now that I’ve got a bit of time over the holiday!

Stuff in the works:

  • Brothers Apart: Season Three is in development, starting off with a trip to the Wellwood. Aeternum sprites will return this season with some familiar and some new faces!
  • Between the other AUs, Brothers Lost and Brothers Consulted have the most planned, rivaling Brothers Apart in the storyline they’ll dig into.
  • Brothers Lost: A few stories are ready to go once they get the chance! A fourth main character will join Jacob, Sam and Dean on their adventure with some special skills of his own. 
  • Brothers Consulted: Sherlock still has a lot of questions for his resident borrowers, and he’s going to have his hands full between them, their younger sister and a surprise agent in the next story coming up! Editing is in progress. 
  • Brothers Asunder: Did anyone order a peck of angst to go with the pound of cutes? Dean will soon join this AU, bringing with him a realm of trouble from the supernatural world. Several stories are written, one is edited and ready to post once it gets voted in.
  • Stories that still need editing and work: Brothers Divided, Chosen, Adopted, Found and Unexpected.
  • Stories that still need to be finished: Brothers Discovered, Remembered, Saved and United.
  • Several in-development ideas that we have saved for a rainy day.

For a fun fact I haven’t mentioned yet anywhere, I was looking through some notes I had saved on my computer for in-progress works, and I found one that I have zero idea what caused it. Maybe it’s a chapter title I had planned?