Hello! I️ was wondering what stories are in the works rn and when you will be posting others? I️ was trying to look through your blog but there is SO FREAKING MUCH I️ SWEAR TO CHOCOLATE. Anyways, thank you! Love your writing and your blog! Peace out.

Aww, thank you so much!

Ha, yeah, the blog’s a bit of a mess right now cause I’ve been caught up with rl a lot due to work. I’ll give you a quick rundown, and then I’m gonna try updating stuff over here now that I’ve got a bit of time over the holiday!

Stuff in the works:

  • Brothers Apart: Season Three is in development, starting off with a trip to the Wellwood. Aeternum sprites will return this season with some familiar and some new faces!
  • Between the other AUs, Brothers Lost and Brothers Consulted have the most planned, rivaling Brothers Apart in the storyline they’ll dig into.
  • Brothers Lost: A few stories are ready to go once they get the chance! A fourth main character will join Jacob, Sam and Dean on their adventure with some special skills of his own. 
  • Brothers Consulted: Sherlock still has a lot of questions for his resident borrowers, and he’s going to have his hands full between them, their younger sister and a surprise agent in the next story coming up! Editing is in progress. 
  • Brothers Asunder: Did anyone order a peck of angst to go with the pound of cutes? Dean will soon join this AU, bringing with him a realm of trouble from the supernatural world. Several stories are written, one is edited and ready to post once it gets voted in.
  • Stories that still need editing and work: Brothers Divided, Chosen, Adopted, Found and Unexpected.
  • Stories that still need to be finished: Brothers Discovered, Remembered, Saved and United.
  • Several in-development ideas that we have saved for a rainy day.

For a fun fact I haven’t mentioned yet anywhere, I was looking through some notes I had saved on my computer for in-progress works, and I found one that I have zero idea what caused it. Maybe it’s a chapter title I had planned?



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