Salads and Sulfur

( A work of fanfiction for Brothers Apart, and the second story of Food and Monsters, created by @neonthewrite  )

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Dean and Sam never expected to hear from Oscar so soon, but mere months after they met the little guy the first time, he has news of a strange murder right in his own motel. Of course, the brothers must rush back to help figure out what’s going on before more victims are claimed.

What happens when a side character tests well with audiences their first time around? They come back. Such is the case with little Oz! Here’s to hoping he gets more yummy food for all his trouble.

Pizza and Hexbags

( A work of fanfiction for Brothers Apart, and the first story of Food and Monsters, created by @neonthewrite  )

Archive of Our Own || Fanfiction || Deviantart

Dean and his tiny brother Sam are having trouble solving a case involving several missing children. Little do they know, another tiny person like Sam has been keeping an eye on them, curious about the strange pair.

This story delves into what it must be like to be one of the throwaway side characters in any given episode of Supernatural.

This story won first place during the first Brothers Apart contest, and was Oscar’s first time in a story!


Since we are discussing knacks, I decided to put some thought into what my own would be. I agree with everyone saying it’s difficult! @.@

I decided to start from something that comes up a lot for me, and that is Anxiety. I overthink just about everything that happens to me, and I stress over situations that didn’t/won’t even happen (my cowriters can attest to this stressing nonsense). So I think my knack would be some kind of Prescience … the ability to see several possible futures just a few seconds forward, and the clarity to know which one is most likely to happen and act accordingly. How I wish I could actually do that!

What would your knack be? Let us know!

Halloween Costume Contest


It’s a bit short notice for the upcoming spooky holiday, but I had a thought for a quick contest! The focus will be my own little borrower and everyone’s favorite honorary mouse: Oscar!

What I’d like to see from entries is your design for a Halloween costume for the little guy. It can be art or writing, as long as it includes a clear view/description of his costume. This contest isn’t going to run for very long and is meant to be more relaxed, so submissions need not be super fancy. Don’t do an extravagant painting or a novella for it (unless you want to, I guess!).

The deadline is November 5 at 11pm Central Standard Time.


  • Must include Oscar in his halloween costume – he’s ready for this free candy business! You can use whichever age you want
  • Other characters are allowed, but the submission won’t be judged based on any other characters
  • Keep it clean and respectful – this doesn’t need much explanation, but I’d like to remind people here that a culture is not a costume and I won’t accept anything sexual
  • Written submissions should include clear descriptions of the costume, more than just “dressed like a ____”
  • Drawn submissions should be more than a stick figure, it’s a relaxed contest but not a no-effort one


Since it’s a short contest and it’s pretty chill, for now I have only a few prizes up for grabs. If I get a lot of entries, I can reconsider that and I’ll announce it as soon as I know.

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

  • 500-600k word story written by me


I’m guessing most people who follow me know who Oscar is from at least one story, but just in case, here’s a link to a few example pictures. Let me know if you need links to other resources about him; there are lots of stories out there to choose from.


In order to enter, you can post your entry on Tumblr or DeviantArt (if you don’t have an account on either, Archive of Our Own is also acceptable for writing). Then either @ me on tumblr or send me a note on DeviantArt (I am PL1 there). I’ll make a post with entries (or possibly add them to this one). If you made an entry and don’t see yours added to the list after a reasonable amount of time, let me know! There’s a chance I might miss it.

@neonthewrite is holding a little contest for the end of the spooky season! Go check it out!

NeontheWrite’s Prompts



I just wanted to make an actual announcement post to point out that prompts are open on this blog. I always love new ideas and I figured, why not let my followers know I’m accepting theirs?

Keep in mind that I can’t do them immediately and they will likely be done as inspiration strikes for them. They could be anywhere from a 500 word drabble or a multi-part short story!

What I will write:

  • Shorts that have to do with my existing stories (including noncanon and AU)
  • New premise ideas that you may decide to toss my way
  • Writing challenges
  • Fluff. Angst. Either is fine by me.
  • GT, for those of you who love some fun size shenanigans

What I will not write:

  • NSFW subject matter (porn, excessive gore)
  • Things pushed at me from insistent askers; I have been harassed to complete a story before and the result was me chopping the story off before it was really done. If you pester me your prompt is going to get deleted no matter how promising it was.

What I will write but is guaranteed to take a long time:

  • Things with characters that are not mine. Fanfiction is a medium that I have a lot of difficulty with personally, and while I certainly enjoy some here and there, I always do better (and write faster) with my own characters. 

Alright, you know the rules:

Prompt away!