NeontheWrite’s Prompts



I just wanted to make an actual announcement post to point out that prompts are open on this blog. I always love new ideas and I figured, why not let my followers know I’m accepting theirs?

Keep in mind that I can’t do them immediately and they will likely be done as inspiration strikes for them. They could be anywhere from a 500 word drabble or a multi-part short story!

What I will write:

  • Shorts that have to do with my existing stories (including noncanon and AU)
  • New premise ideas that you may decide to toss my way
  • Writing challenges
  • Fluff. Angst. Either is fine by me.
  • GT, for those of you who love some fun size shenanigans

What I will not write:

  • NSFW subject matter (porn, excessive gore)
  • Things pushed at me from insistent askers; I have been harassed to complete a story before and the result was me chopping the story off before it was really done. If you pester me your prompt is going to get deleted no matter how promising it was.

What I will write but is guaranteed to take a long time:

  • Things with characters that are not mine. Fanfiction is a medium that I have a lot of difficulty with personally, and while I certainly enjoy some here and there, I always do better (and write faster) with my own characters. 

Alright, you know the rules:

Prompt away!

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