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myimaginedairybeard  asked:

Is Barry’s (Bardolph) knack Regeneration? In Out of the frying pan there are a lot of mentions that it’s a miracle he’s even alive and managed to survive everything, so I figured it’d likely be his knack. I tried to think of what Stan’s knack might be but the only thing that came to mind was animal empathy since his love for animals has been mentioned a few times :3 Also, was Sam’s knack in Brothers Found burned out:( ?

Aw, if only!

Poor little Barry does not have any advanced healing, and he’s going to go through a lot more before we see him next. There’s been a lot of dumb luck for him, and Garen’s convinced he won’t last long, while Xander is determined to get him through it.

Those three might eventually get knacks, but they were designed before I had any knacks for non-main characters in mind, so they’re currently ‘unknown’.

I still wonder if Captives will end up being story 20 like I thought… there’s been some restructuring of the story since then. Oh well, we’ll find out once the other stories are completed!

Stan’s knack is not animal empathy (he would… love that). He’s one of the characters with a hidden, unrevealed knack. Unless someone is lucky enough to guess what his special is!

At the end of Jacob in Wonderland, Sam’s knack hadn’t returned to him, and he has yet to find out if it’s burned out permanently or can recover.

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