A Lich of Sense

(Story 10 of the Brothers Apart series)

Cowritten by @nightmares06 and @neonthewrite

What happens when you have Winchesters in the Wellwood? A bad day for Bowman Leafwing, as an encounter with a certain hunter and his brother goes awry, and zombie wolves move into the forest.

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Bowman Leafwing

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Artwork by @ghostquack!

Bowman Lost Excerpt


Bowman couldn’t help but think of wolves then. They could set ambushes for their prey, leading it right where they wanted it. Then, they could strike.

Bowman was the prey now. Prey of a thing big enough to crush him with a hand, and smart enough to lay a trap for him. He squirmed and writhed and only found himself more and more tangled as he did so. There was no escape, and those footsteps crashed closer.

According to the timeline I was thinking of, Bowman would be about 20. Putting Jacob at 18 or 19. My characters are younger than the bros, and though Bowman doesn’t really care about age at all, it leads to a dynamic with Jacob looking up to the Winchesters (no matter what size everyone is).

100 (GT) Themes Challenge


For writers (or artists) in the g/t fandom, the Fab 5 ( @bittykimmy, @neonthewrite, @nightmares06, @creatorofuniverses, and @borrowedtimeandspace) have put together a list of one word prompts – all of them chosen by GT people for GT people.

The objective? Send in an ask to any of those blogs (or to whosoever reblogged this post and thus took the challenge) with a number and a character. 

What they do with the prompt is up to them. Have fun!

  1. Giant
  2. Rise
  3. Monster
  4. Peeking
  5. Hands
  6. Borrow
  7. Tinker
  8. Adapt
  9. Flight
  10. Possession
  11. Mouse
  12. Risk
  13. Shelter
  14. Darkness
  15. Argument
  16. Trust
  17. Protect
  18. Close
  19. Cooking
  20. Open
  21. Trepidation
  22. Startle
  23. Dash
  24. Warmth
  25. Flowerpot
  26. Invisible
  27. Escape
  28. Heartbeat
  29. Dew
  30. Freedom
  31. Wings
  32. Laughter
  33. Edge
  34. Slam
  35. Web
  36. Razor
  37. Threaten
  38. Snatch
  39. Solution
  40. Footsteps
  41. Secret
  42. Dollhouse
  43. Corner
  44. Vent
  45. Company
  46. Tremors
  47. Top
  48. Reveal
  49. Creaking
  50. Freefall
  51. Landing
  52. Vertigo
  53. Stuck
  54. Cling
  55. Separate
  56. Needle
  57. Fear
  58. Diversion
  59. Platform
  60. Sneak
  61. Cold
  62. Soft
  63. Exploration
  64. Ignorance
  65. Cage
  66. Curiosity
  67. Narrow
  68. Rescue
  69. Bottom
  70. Grow
  71. Stomp
  72. Cooperate
  73. Problem
  74. Raindrops
  75. Solitude
  76. Precarious
  77. Leap
  78. Stash
  79. Trap
  80. Flash
  81. Miscommunication
  82. Lantern
  83. Tiptoe
  84. Rumble
  85. Conspiracy
  86. Cat
  87. Attention
  88. Ceiling
  89. Experiment
  90. Touch
  91. Bookshelf
  92. Search
  93. Please
  94. Cradle
  95. Hide
  96. Hang
  97. Desperation
  98. Power
  99. Betrayal
  100. Tiny

Send in prompts! Character + word, feel free to send it to the BA askbox or any of our individual boxes!

(If you’re not sure who the character belongs to, send it here and we’ll sort it out)

August 4th excerpt:

A snare. It was a trap that, when Logan set it, would remain hidden amongst the foliage. When something wandered into it (a sprite included), it would tangle around them mercilessly, only tightening the more they struggled. The only way out would be cutting the wires away from them, and Bowman had a feeling Logan wouldn’t be kind in the process if he caught someone.

“Making art projects, I see,” Bowman snapped. “I’ve seen better.”

The cage rattled roughly as Logan gripped one end in a huge hand and tilted it sharply so that Bowman fell to one side in a heap. “You cheeky little shit. Do you know what this is?” he taunted, his hand still gripping the cage, hovering menacingly over Bowman.

August 1st excerpt:

“Feel like talking, yet, bug?” he spat, in a low voice that he knew was threatening. Indeed, he smirked when Bowman shivered involuntarily.

“Human, you ran out of things for us to talk about before you even got here,” Bowman shot back. He should have known to brace himself, but when one of those boots lashed out and kicked the cage several feet, he reasoned that it wouldn’t have mattered.