Walt and Sean


My entry for the 2018 Brothers Apart tumblr contest. I wanted to write something with @nightmares06‘s Walt Watch, since he’s one of my favorites and he recently had some huge character development in the latest story of the Brothers Apart AU. This is set sometime in the weeks/months after the first story, after Sam has left with Dean under the assumption that Walt didn’t survive the events of that story.

Hope you enjoy it! Reading time approx. 10 minutes.

Walt knew something was wrong before he had time to fully wake up. Something like a heavy weight settled over his heart and he sighed without opening his eyes. Life had thrown him too many strange new things in so many months. Sometimes he wondered if he would ever have some semblance of what he had before.

Before Mallory … before Bree … his family had been fragmented, time and time again. What had he done for fate to lay its hands on him like that not once, but twice? He didn’t even know what had become of Sam.

That boy … Walt had known what he was, and hadn’t cared. In his old life, he was as much a danger to Walt as any other human.

Seeing that little face, full of fear he tried to hide, had decided for him. He and Mallory had been no match for those plaintive hazel eyes, full of tears the boy didn’t want to release. Walt still remembered the mumbled excuses about chick-flick moments. He didn’t even know what that meant and he could tell Sam’s heart wasn’t in the words.

The boy had lost his family. Just like Walt and Mallory had lost their baby girl not a year before. They might not understand everything Sam lost, but they understood that. There was no turning him away.

And now he was gone. Mallory was gone. Walt was alone, if not for–

“Walt?” Krissy’s voice was cautious and quiet, but Walt had known the girl long enough to recognize something else in it. Worry. His pale blue eyes opened at last to take in the concerned shadows on her face.

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Awesome job! You got it! And now a sneak peek at just how deep our brothers get in The Ties That Bind

The last two stories in season two are going to break all the rules.

“Sam! I’m stuck!” Krissy wailed, covering her face. Tears streamed down her soft cheeks, making her face glisten.

The sound of her reedy cry woke Bree and Kara in the cage. In seconds, the two girls scrambled to their feet, open-mouthed shock on their faces at the sight of the rescue party come to save them.

And the panic of Krissy’s predicament made it so no one heard the rattling of a key in the door, but they all saw the door swing wide…

Panic ruled.

Walt shouted for Sam to get his knife out, shoving Sean behind him. Krissy was as trapped as Bree and Kara, her soft-soled shoes sealed to the sticky glue of the trap. She couldn’t even try to turn around to see who was coming in the room without taking the risk of falling onto the glue and getting it on her arms and in her hair.

And Sam…

Sam’s eyes widened as the strange human shoved his way into the room. Those dark eyes held only malice and contempt as they fell on him first, then expanding their view to all the small people on the table with him.

A shudder ran up Sam’s back, reacting to the danger they were in. This was a human who was nothing like Dean. A man who was everything Walt had ever warned him about. A killer without conscience just because they were a little different.

Danger followed the man into the room like a dark cloud, and a widening white smile graced that dark face. There was twisted enjoyment there, watching his quarry squirm. Helpless victims guarded by two tiny knives.

The other person that came into the room was only a shadow in Sam’s eyes as the man declared “See? Swarming like flies. Nothin’ to catchin’ them if you know what you’re doing.”

The shadow resolved into Dean, and his eyes locked onto Sam’s.

Character Profile: Krissy Vent


Name: Krissy Vent


23 (One year older than Sam)

Height: 5′5″ || 3.4″

Species: Borrowers/Littles

Eye Color: Pale green

Hair Color: Light brown

Gender: Female

Known Abilities: Very motherly with Sean, Krissy has had to act older than she is for years before she took in the newly cursed human. Though she has a phobia of humans, she does go through the vents to watch for any worrisome happenings at the motel.

Background: The only daughter of Brennan and Katrine Vent, Krissy had to grow up fast when her dad was lost and her mother fell into a spiral of depression. She has raised her younger brother, Bennet, almost on her own, often assisted by Sam when he lived in the motel, and more recently Walt, who took Krissy’s family as his own.

Quote: What do you mean ‘your brother?’ You don’t have a brother.

Artwork by Heartstores

We’re so glad to hear! Sam encourages you to journal away, because you’ll never know how you can use those journals in the future! And we’ll keep writing for ya 😉

Krissy and big Dean will indeed meet at last in Brothers Apart, in one of the stories I’ve been working on for some time!

100 (GT) Themes Challenge


For writers (or artists) in the g/t fandom, the Fab 5 ( @bittykimmy, @neonthewrite, @nightmares06, @creatorofuniverses, and @borrowedtimeandspace) have put together a list of one word prompts – all of them chosen by GT people for GT people.

The objective? Send in an ask to any of those blogs (or to whosoever reblogged this post and thus took the challenge) with a number and a character. 

What they do with the prompt is up to them. Have fun!

  1. Giant
  2. Rise
  3. Monster
  4. Peeking
  5. Hands
  6. Borrow
  7. Tinker
  8. Adapt
  9. Flight
  10. Possession
  11. Mouse
  12. Risk
  13. Shelter
  14. Darkness
  15. Argument
  16. Trust
  17. Protect
  18. Close
  19. Cooking
  20. Open
  21. Trepidation
  22. Startle
  23. Dash
  24. Warmth
  25. Flowerpot
  26. Invisible
  27. Escape
  28. Heartbeat
  29. Dew
  30. Freedom
  31. Wings
  32. Laughter
  33. Edge
  34. Slam
  35. Web
  36. Razor
  37. Threaten
  38. Snatch
  39. Solution
  40. Footsteps
  41. Secret
  42. Dollhouse
  43. Corner
  44. Vent
  45. Company
  46. Tremors
  47. Top
  48. Reveal
  49. Creaking
  50. Freefall
  51. Landing
  52. Vertigo
  53. Stuck
  54. Cling
  55. Separate
  56. Needle
  57. Fear
  58. Diversion
  59. Platform
  60. Sneak
  61. Cold
  62. Soft
  63. Exploration
  64. Ignorance
  65. Cage
  66. Curiosity
  67. Narrow
  68. Rescue
  69. Bottom
  70. Grow
  71. Stomp
  72. Cooperate
  73. Problem
  74. Raindrops
  75. Solitude
  76. Precarious
  77. Leap
  78. Stash
  79. Trap
  80. Flash
  81. Miscommunication
  82. Lantern
  83. Tiptoe
  84. Rumble
  85. Conspiracy
  86. Cat
  87. Attention
  88. Ceiling
  89. Experiment
  90. Touch
  91. Bookshelf
  92. Search
  93. Please
  94. Cradle
  95. Hide
  96. Hang
  97. Desperation
  98. Power
  99. Betrayal
  100. Tiny

Send in prompts! Character + word, feel free to send it to the BA askbox or any of our individual boxes!

(If you’re not sure who the character belongs to, send it here and we’ll sort it out)

November 14th excerpt:

Before she could move a muscle, the gigantic hunter out in the reception hall glanced up at the vent. Those green eyes locked onto Krissy and the blood in her veins turned to ice. Recognition appeared in those eyes as she ducked down, shaking. Walt had once called it a ‘phobia,’ but it didn’t matter what they called it. Krissy was terrified of humans.

How?! her mind demanded. How does he know I’m here?! 

Sam would be most likely to return to Trails West and coax clothing out of his old friend Krissy. She’s a bit less intimidating to talk to compared to an entire group of new people his size, and in a new situation he’ll always face the possibility of flat-out rejection because of his older brother. Krissy learned from Mallory on how to make clothes much like what he’s wearing now, so they’ll be more comfortable for him compared to anything other communities can make

He’s not particularly skilled at weaving his own, unlike Oscar.


Arty by @mogadeer


81. Thunder

An echo of thunder rolled around Sean, and he dove underneath the scraps of fabric that made up his ‘nest.’

Standing at only three inches in height, the young boy blinked out at the world from his protective cocoon, huge tears flowing from his eyes. This was wrong. Everything was wrong, and he was scared.

Summoned by the yelp he’d heard, Walt Watch limped around the doorway that lead to the room Sean was staying in. The older man held his side tenderly, and Sean remembered hearing that his entire home had caved in on him, knocking him just out of range of a fire that raged. Walt was as lucky as Sean to be alive.

But at least he was used to being small.

“Hey, there,” Walt said, sitting next to Sean’s protective fort. “How are you hanging in?”

Sean said nothing, just blinked blearily at the older man. Another rumble of thunder came, this time with the rhythmic sounds of footsteps accompanying it. That made him dive down, out of sight. He hated the reminder of how small they were.

Walt put a hand on the top of the piled-up fabric. Krissy and Bennett had given up the extra room for Sean, since he wasn’t used to sharing with anyone the way they were. They were staying in the same room as their mother, and Walt had the room next to Sean’s. The young boy reminded him so much of Sam all those years ago. Afraid and alone and lonely. Forced to confront realities that no child deserved.

“Look, they don’t know we’re here,” Walt said wisely. “They won’t hear us, they won’t bother us. Sam once told me that humans had a way of getting through thunderstorms if young children were afraid. He said to just think of it as God getting a shower, and the thunder as his footsteps. Those humans up there are the same. Just walking around, minding their own business.”

Sean peeked out at Walt. “B-but if they find us…” he said in a half-moan of fear.

Walt ruffled his hair. “They won’t,” he promised. “We’ve got a safe home here. Besides, if it wasn’t for humans, we wouldn’t have much to eat, now, would we?”

Sean blinked back at him, looking unconvinced.

“If you want, I can stick around for a bit,” Walt offered. “Staying in a strange place all alone can be scary.”

Sean rubbed his eyes. “I’d like that,” he said shyly. “It’s just all so… different…”

“Sam said the same thing when we first found him,” Walt nodded. Sean’s wide eyes encouraged him to continue. Though Sean had never met Sam, he’d heard all about his rescuer from Krissy and Bennett. “He was just about your age back then…”

Walt told stories about Sam’s first days cursed until Sean couldn’t hold his eyes open any longer, and the young boy drifted off to sleep.


73. Green


With a startled exclamation, Krissy drew her hand away from the needle she was trying to work with. A droplet of blood glistened on her fingertip, wavering as her hand shook.

“Here, let me see,” Mallory’s soft voice came, and a careful hand wrapped around Krissy’s slim wrist.

Mallory had decided to take the day to show Krissy some of the ropes on her sewing techniques. The boys were all out of the house except for Krissy’s younger brother, Bennett, who stayed back at her place to watch over their ailing mother. Sam and Walt would come back with enough food for both families, with any luck, and they would help support each other as best they could. It was good for Krissy to get out from time to time like this. She needed to get some space to herself, and she was one of the most adept people when it came to tiny, intricate movements.

They’d begun with dethreading some of the fabric Sam had found for them. A combination of blues and greens, Mallory was thrilled to have some color to work with for once. Krissy had claimed the green, and was trying her best to mimic the sewing techniques of Mallory. She was getting there, and one day might be able to make clothing like the jeans and jackets Sam and Walt were so fond of. Human designs really were versatile, no matter than they made the Watch family stand out among people their own size. It wasn’t like they went to gatherings very often.

Mallory blotted the blood from Krissy’s hand. “It’ll get easier as you go,” she said with a gentle smile. She held out her hand. As small and slim as her fingers were, the fingertips were covered with calluses from long years of sewing. Mallory poked at her fingertip with a needle. “I can barely feel it now,” she said with a grin.

Krissy’s eyes were wide. At just over seventeen, she idolized the older woman. Mallory was one of the few staples in her life, which was why she’d claimed all the green fabric. It was Mallory’s favorite color. If Krissy could make something to thank her with, it would need to be green.

Once her finger stopped throbbing, Krissy resumed her careful actions. Her tongue stuck out of her mouth and she concentrated hard on the fabric, determined to make the green dress that she saw in her mind a reality.


21. Music

This prompt takes place between the events of Taken and Schism, while Sam’s arm was healing and Dean stayed at the motel for three months (a record, for Trails West ).

It was late, but Krissy found herself wandering the passageways and vents in the walls on her own.

Normally, she would wait until someone else was willing to go. She didn’t like to venture close to the human rooms on her own. Lessons drilled into her mind from her father and her mother, back in those happy years before everything had changed, taught her the dangers of humanity.

Those lessons stuck fast after her father was gone, and her mother withdrew from the world, leaving Krissy and her young brother Bennett to fend for themselves.

Walt was amazing. He’d come to live with them after Krissy had dragged him out of the ash herself, saving his life as he’d saved theirs since. He helped find enough food for everyone to eat, brought home more supplies than Krissy ever dreamed of finding on her own now that her best friend Sam was gone.

Of course, Sam was back now, along with his older brother.


No one had ever expected them to reappear, Krissy least of all. She knew Walt had hoped to see his erstwhile adopted son again, but those were dreams and fantasies best left to musings. Sam appearing on her doorstep had been the last thing she’d ever expected.

And so she wandered, and wondered.

Sam’s arm was broken, so he was staying in the walls with them until he healed. She’d noticed a nervousness about him that hadn’t been there when he left with Dean. It wasn’t hard to figure out that his recent injury had forced him to confront truths better left to the subconscious.

He was afraid, just like her.

Krissy paused at the slits of a vent, drawn to the light. She knew what room she was over, and only just managed to get herself close enough to see out. She didn’t want to risk the human glancing up and seeing her.

The large hunter was sprawled out on his bed. The television was on in the background, but the sound was turned off. In his hand was curled what she’d heard called a… ‘music player,’ or an ‘iPod.’

Humans sure had strange names for things.

Dean was wearing earbuds, so Krissy let her guard relax a little. She could hear the music, a soft rock that Sam had talked about while they were growing up, leaking from the buds. He’d never hear her with those on. Even a hunter’s senses could be dampened down.

For a moment, she stared at him, trying to imagine him standing at the same height as Sam. He didn’t look that scary, not laying on the bed, his eyes closed and his face so peaceful. Kara talked about him nonstop, and for a moment Krissy could see it.

Then her phobia caught up to her and she stumbled away from the edge of the vent. The soft music vanished, and her breath caught as she realized he might have heard that.

“Sam?” came a deep call, a hopeful note resounding in it. For over three weeks Sam had been in the motel, and Krissy knew that he hadn’t gone back to see Dean yet.

She slowed her breathing and pulled herself out of sight around a corner. A shadow dampened the light, and she covered her mouth.

“Sammy? That you? I’ve got some salad, if you wanted to come visit…” Dean’s voice trailed off, sounding forlorn and lost. Krissy had to blink back surprise at that.

The light came back, and she heard the human stomping away.

Maybe she’d see how Sam was feeling. Human or not, Dean sounded lonely. No one deserved to be forgotten like that.