Character Profile: Krissy Vent


Name: Krissy Vent


23 (One year older than Sam)

Height: 5′5″ || 3.4″

Species: Borrowers/Littles

Eye Color: Pale green

Hair Color: Light brown

Gender: Female

Known Abilities: Very motherly with Sean, Krissy has had to act older than she is for years before she took in the newly cursed human. Though she has a phobia of humans, she does go through the vents to watch for any worrisome happenings at the motel.

Background: The only daughter of Brennan and Katrine Vent, Krissy had to grow up fast when her dad was lost and her mother fell into a spiral of depression. She has raised her younger brother, Bennet, almost on her own, often assisted by Sam when he lived in the motel, and more recently Walt, who took Krissy’s family as his own.

Quote: What do you mean ‘your brother?’ You don’t have a brother.

Artwork by Heartstores

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