Character Profile: Cerul Elanwyn


Name: Cerul Elanwyn

Age: 39 (at the present of Sam of Wellwood)

Height: 3.7″

Species: Wood Sprite

Eye Color: Tarnished gold

Hair Color: Pastel green

Gender: Male

Known Abilities: Cerul is gifted with the Voice of the Spirit. Among wood sprites, this is the strongest connection to the Earth Spirit someone could have. It grants him the ability to feel the emotions and pain of living things around him, as well as unparalleled stamina when making use of the Spirit’s magic. He can employ the Healing Touch.

Background: When Cerul was a young sprite, he received the revelation that he was gifted with the Voice. Ever since then, he has made sure to hone and practice his Prayers and listen closely to the feelings of those around him. A wood sprite with the Voice takes on the responsibility of caring for their community, and Cerul’s quiet, patient personality suited this.

He earned his title of Far Seeing among the nobility for two main reasons. One being his empathy from the Voice, enabling him to see far into the hearts of others. The second reason came when he used his insight to notice the trees of the forest preparing for harsh winter, and  gained the sprites a very necessary look ahead to the time to come, and minimized the damage it could have done to the village.

Quote: We respect wolves and owls for their ways of life, do we not? As much as that means we must avoid such predators, we do not blame them for surviving.

Artwork by @mogadeer

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