So, In “Bedtime Stories” (Season 3, Episode 5), Dean had taken a role as a fairy tale character (the hunter from red riding hood) and Sam didn’t. But if the BA brothers would’ve taken this case, I have a feeling Sam would’ve had more than enough trouble with his role. He’ll probably have the Thumbelina role, or should I say – Sambelina? Can’t help but imagining him somehow managing to get himself kidnapped by a frigging toad, Dean will never let him hear the end of it!

No, I doubt Sam would ever hear the end of it, especially if Dean had to rescue him!

Gotta play his part ;P

Character Profile: Cerul Elanwyn


Name: Cerul Elanwyn

Age: 39 (at the present of Sam of Wellwood)

Height: 3.7″

Species: Wood Sprite

Eye Color: Tarnished gold

Hair Color: Pastel green

Gender: Male

Known Abilities: Cerul is gifted with the Voice of the Spirit. Among wood sprites, this is the strongest connection to the Earth Spirit someone could have. It grants him the ability to feel the emotions and pain of living things around him, as well as unparalleled stamina when making use of the Spirit’s magic. He can employ the Healing Touch.

Background: When Cerul was a young sprite, he received the revelation that he was gifted with the Voice. Ever since then, he has made sure to hone and practice his Prayers and listen closely to the feelings of those around him. A wood sprite with the Voice takes on the responsibility of caring for their community, and Cerul’s quiet, patient personality suited this.

He earned his title of Far Seeing among the nobility for two main reasons. One being his empathy from the Voice, enabling him to see far into the hearts of others. The second reason came when he used his insight to notice the trees of the forest preparing for harsh winter, and  gained the sprites a very necessary look ahead to the time to come, and minimized the damage it could have done to the village.

Quote: We respect wolves and owls for their ways of life, do we not? As much as that means we must avoid such predators, we do not blame them for surviving.

Artwork by @mogadeer

Character Profile: Scar Wolfblind


Name:  Scar Wolfblind

Age: 37 (In present day of Sam of Wellwood)

Height: 3.75″

Species: Wood Sprite

Eye Color: Dark green

Hair Color: Dark green

Gender: Male

Known Abilities: Master of strategizing against much larger foes, sword master, aerial acrobatics, basic Prayer to the Earth Spirit, able to keep a battle calm against tough enemies

Background: Scar is the High Knight of Wellwood, and he didn’t get his position lying around. In his early years as a knight, he showed aptitude and skill with the sword and a strong drive to protect the sprites from the dangers that might arrive in the forest. This drive aided in his fight against a wolf that had killed a few sprites, and the animal was left completely blind as a result. Scar earned his name as well as monumental respect from the others in the village.

In Sam of Wellwood, it was Scar who first found the lost and frightened young Sam Winchester directly after his curse. He brought the boy back to the village and soon after was driven to help him find his family. When Sam grew a little older, Scar noticed his strength and drive to make more of himself, and from then on took Sam under his wing as a new knight in training.

Quote: The enemy is strong, and he is dangerous, but he will be strong and dangerous whether we cower and doubt ourselves or fly out to meet him.

I know what I’d rather do!

Artwork by @mogadeer

Christmas Lights, Christmas Sprite



After seeing this adorable artwork, I absolutely had to make a story to go along with it. This isn’t really canon to Fairy Tales, but it was a lot of fun anyway. The art was made by the amazing @lamthetwickster and commissioned by @nightmares06. Thank you both, and Merry Christmas to all!

Approx. reading time ~5-10 minutes

After the hustle and bustle leading up to the holiday, nothing suited Jacob more than lounging on the couch.

The living room was kept tidy, with the rug vacuumed and the coffee table free of the usual craft magazines that adorned it. There was a low fire in the fireplace, behind a worn metal grate to keep any errant sparks at bay. The furniture, well worn from years of use, had been pushed aside from its usual arrangement to make room for a tall addition that glittered and glowed.

The Christmas tree was rumpled on one side, so they’d set it up with that part facing the wall. The rest was adorned with sparkling ornaments, and a string light that Jacob had been tasked with adding on. His mother was way too short to reach the top of the tree.

There was white felt wrapped around the base for fake snow, and a tidy little pile of wrapped gifts arranged around it. With the fireplace going and the soft light from the tree reflecting around the room, it made a typical Christmas setting.

The wood sprite fluttering around the room made things less typical.

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You are absolutely right, Anon! I wouldn’t have noticed if you didn’t say anything. 🙂 Now I must do something to celebrate the occasion.

Bowman is a wood sprite living in the Wellwood forest. Life for the wood sprites is simple and routine, until Bowman meets a trio of unprecedented outsiders. The newcomers appear to be creatures right out of the old folktales, but no one could have imagined that a human being would tower over even the largest wood sprite.

(Link to Story)

To celebrate, here’s a small sampling of some of the artwork of the characters that I have commissioned or received as fanart:


Artwork commissioned from SquonkHunter on Deviantart (Link to Page)


Artwork commissioned from mistress0minx on Deviantart (Link to Page), @lotminx on tumblr


Artwork commissioned from QuackGhost on Deviantart (Link to Page), @ghostquack on tumblr. If you go to their DA, there are a few other works featuring characters from Bowman of Wellwood, and they are all wonderful!


A comic scene from the story by @featherpantsd / @featherpantsart !

Artwork commissioned from the incomparable @mogadeer , who deals with a lot of my art requests. You should head over to that blog and click the follow button.

Other artworks featuring Bowman and Jacob:

(Link) – Jacob and Bowman by GigantaGiantessa on Deviantart

(Link) – Handheld Bowman by 27LazyBug on Deviantart

(Link) – Bowman in flight by Phoenix-Firemage on Deviantart,  @paigethefiremage on tumblr

Happy anniversary!

Don’t Trust A Leafwing



Bowman and Jacob, Mischief Managed (from a much older prompt list that I am far too lazy to go dig up)

Bowman flitted to and fro while Jacob walked along the forest floor, his heavy steps crushing twigs and leaves beneath his boots. The pair made an odd sight navigating the woods. Where one was only four inches tall and glided on wings mimicking the leaves all around them, the other stood over six feet tall and sported a worn out hoodie.

They were as different as they could be, but they’d managed to build an easy friendship over Jacob’s visits to the forest. Bowman, despite all of his complaints about human nonsense, never stopped coming up with more questions.

Up ahead, Bowman saw something glinting in the sun and grinned. He had an idea.

He drifted downward to fly in a circle around Jacob’s head. The human stopped to avoid bumping into him and raised his eyebrows. “Yes, Bowman?” he said, a smirk growing on his face. “You have my attention.”

Bowman hovered at Jacob’s eye level and pointed toward a pine tree with long, spindly branches and golden drops of sap glistening upon them. The sun filtering down through the leaves above cast light over the sap so that it almost glowed invitingly. “There’s some pine sap over there. You should try some!”

Jacob frowned critically. “Isn’t that, like, super bitter?” he asked. Even so, he resumed walking when Bowman led the way towards the tree.

Bowman scoffed. “It’s delicious,” he countered. “Figures you humans would know more about phone things than what’s good to eat.

Jacob snickered as Bowman came to a landing on one of the branches. Where Bowman could deftly find a place to stand, Jacob had to stoop slightly to avoid being poked by the sharp green needles of the tree. He peered skeptically at a large glob of sap sitting on the branch.

Bowman rolled his eyes. “Don’t be such a sprout about it,” he complained. “See?” he stooped to grab a flake of bark to scoop some of the sap up. With relish, he ate the sticky amber sap and gestured with a wing for Jacob to try it.

Jacob sighed and it ruffled Bowman’s hair, but then he shrugged. “I guess. You’ll know better than any wilderness guidebooks,” he reasoned aloud. He took a smear of the sap on his fingertip.

Any second now.

The minute Jacob tasted the sap, his face morphed into one of complete disgust. “Oh Jesus Christ,” he lamented, his mouth turned downward in a tight frown. The overwhelming bitter flavor, a favorite of Bowman’s, was stronger than he ever could have expected.

Bowman cackled. “Oh, Spirit, I can’t believe that worked.”

“Oh my God,” Jacob rolled his eyes, still with a note of disgust in his voice. The taste of the sap would linger with him for hours. “You’re such an ass.”

Bowman fluttered up from the branch. “And you’re such a giant. Congratulations, Jacob. You’ve been had by someone the size of your finger.” He held up his hand with his index finger extended for emphasis.

Jacob mimicked the motion, but before Bowman knew what he was up to, he poked at Bowman’s chest in midair. Bowman faltered and glared, and Jacob smirked. “I’ll put you in my pocket,” he warned.

Bowman narrowed his eyes. “You’ll have to catch me first.”

Definitely Fairy Tales canon. Definitely only happened once. Jacob learns quickly that Bowman is a stinker, and here you see he definitely employed the right technique. Just poke him.

Wakeup Call


Another one from this post and sent in to @brothersapart. This one is most likely Fairy Tales canon, though I don’t have a specific time for it to be set.

Reading Time less than 5 minutes

Camping had a rugged charm to it that couldn’t be replaced. Jacob always enjoyed a chance to hike out to the middle of the woods where he could relax and ignore the outside world for a while. He could sit in his clearing and watch the blue sky give way to yellows and purples before finally allowing a black stage for the stars.

Sleeping under those stars, glancing up before he drifted off to spot a shooting star streaking across the sky. Dozing off at last to the gentle sound of the breeze in the canopy. Dreaming peacefully and hoping the following day would bring a visit from his best friend.

Waking up with a small green shape right in front of his eyes that wasn’t there before.

“Jesus-fuck!” Jacob stammered, flinching back while still wrapped up in his sleeping bag. The small shape fluttered backwards, just as startled as he was, and Jacob squirmed to free his arm from the sleeping back.

“Thanks for deafening me!” Bowman complained, his snarky voice reaching Jacob as he freed a hand to drag it down his face.

“Thanks for … you were like an inch in front of my face, dude,” Jacob pointed out exasperatedly.

Bowman fluttered into the air and flew in a lazy circle around Jacob’s head now that the human was awake. “You must have walked up after I finished my patrols for the day yesterday,” he pointed out. His tone suggested that he was perfectly aware of the rapid subject change, and didn’t care.

Jacob sluggishly swatted a hand at Bowman in mock annoyance, aiming to miss. “Yeah, didn’t expect a wake up call is all.”

“I’m just generous like that,” Bowman shot back, a chuckle in his voice.

Lighting the Way



Prompted from this post, and sent in to @brothersapart.

This is canon to Fairy Tales, and takes place sometime before Bowman met Jacob and discovered that humans exist.

Approx. reading time: ~5 mins

It wasn’t the first time Bowman had stayed out later than he should. The balmy summer heat and the long sunsets always played tricks on him, prompting him to fly just a little farther. Bowman relished his days out of the village, exploring his forest and learning every tree, every boulder, every animal trail.

At night, by contrast, Wellwood became foreboding and dangerous. Bowman was not equipped to handle the predators that could all but blend into the shadows.

Just his blasted luck that he found himself too far out to make it home before the sun hid its face at last.

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Ooomg you’re so sweet! ;o; Thank you so much for the kind words!

The prompt is Hands from this list, with Jacob and Bowman. I really enjoyed doing this one. I’ll be working on more prompts that I didn’t get done in the last couple batches (hopefully) as well as any new ones that have come in for the 100 GT themes!

This is Fairy Tales canon, probably the spring after Jacob and Bowman first met.

Approx. Reading time: ~5 minutes

The sky above Jacob’s clearing had been a murky grey all morning. The springtime brought with it new, vibrant green leaves to form a brand new canopy over the forest of Wellwood, and that green crown formed a ring around the steel grey overhead. Jacob had made the trip hoping for more sun, since it meant his small friend would have more energy to be out and about.

That hadn’t stopped Bowman. They’d met at the clearing as they usually did. Bowman had made it part of his routine to check the clearing every day just in case Jacob popped in for another visit to the forest. He didn’t live nearby, and so it was never certain when he would have the chance.

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