Wakeup Call


Another one from this post and sent in to @brothersapart. This one is most likely Fairy Tales canon, though I don’t have a specific time for it to be set.

Reading Time less than 5 minutes

Camping had a rugged charm to it that couldn’t be replaced. Jacob always enjoyed a chance to hike out to the middle of the woods where he could relax and ignore the outside world for a while. He could sit in his clearing and watch the blue sky give way to yellows and purples before finally allowing a black stage for the stars.

Sleeping under those stars, glancing up before he drifted off to spot a shooting star streaking across the sky. Dozing off at last to the gentle sound of the breeze in the canopy. Dreaming peacefully and hoping the following day would bring a visit from his best friend.

Waking up with a small green shape right in front of his eyes that wasn’t there before.

“Jesus-fuck!” Jacob stammered, flinching back while still wrapped up in his sleeping bag. The small shape fluttered backwards, just as startled as he was, and Jacob squirmed to free his arm from the sleeping back.

“Thanks for deafening me!” Bowman complained, his snarky voice reaching Jacob as he freed a hand to drag it down his face.

“Thanks for … you were like an inch in front of my face, dude,” Jacob pointed out exasperatedly.

Bowman fluttered into the air and flew in a lazy circle around Jacob’s head now that the human was awake. “You must have walked up after I finished my patrols for the day yesterday,” he pointed out. His tone suggested that he was perfectly aware of the rapid subject change, and didn’t care.

Jacob sluggishly swatted a hand at Bowman in mock annoyance, aiming to miss. “Yeah, didn’t expect a wake up call is all.”

“I’m just generous like that,” Bowman shot back, a chuckle in his voice.

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