How about a smol jacob and bowman? Maybe in Brothers adopted or something

Smol Jacob will definitely meet his winged bestie in the future, even if they don’t know they’re destined to be buddies at the time!

“Hey,” Sam said softly, keeping his voice down to avoid waking either of the humans sleeping close by. He crept forward, getting close enough for Bowman to see them clearly in the light of the dying flames and held out his hands. It was a gesture he’d seen Dean do many times before, to prove he meant no harm.

It wouldn’t work for the hunter in this situation, with his hands alone a threat to the small sprite, but for Sam it should suffice.

“My name’s Sam, and this is my brother Jacob,” he introduced. “We were hoping to talk to you.”

Jacob nodded in agreement. “Just a talk. No humans listening in. Sound alright?”

Bowman stared between them as he contemplated. Finally, his wings relaxed and stopped crowding the glass walls around him. His shoulders slumped and his exhaustion from a stressful day became more obvious. “You … you two live in that one’s pocket,” he said, gesturing at Dean. “Why would you wanna stay in there?”

How many sprites (lets say the knights) would be necessary to win against the brothers in a tug of war? With and without use of wings allowed? Or just one?? (no point in mentioning Jacob, they’d probably need the whole village just to challenge his hand)

Well, lets see.

If smol Jacob can lift about 40x his weight, I’d say a regular borrower averages 10 to 15x. The brothers, being determined to keep physically fit, are likely around the 12 to 13x range. Once they get better nutrition, they’ll easily hit around 17 or 18x their weight in strength, if not more.

Really, the questions is: how long does it take the sprites to realize they should just start flying and lift the brothers off the ground so they can’t get any traction?

With wings, they’d just go with that route. Lift up the brothers while Jacob watches, unable to hide his snickering (Dean will get revenge on him, somehow). At least they’re good at dangling from a rope.

If they weren’t allowed to use wings except maybe to balance themselves, it probably wouldn’t take much for the brothers to knock several knights over, one by one. Sprites aren’t nearly as strong as one of the brothers. Poor guys would dig their heels in the best they could though. Then maybe have a few sparring matches with pine needle swords to make up for it.

(thanks to @torchmlp for the reference of smol Jacob’s strength)

September 19th excerpt:

Younger sprites, many of them restless after being kept inside so much in recent days, hoisted themselves up on the window sills. Any kid that spotted Sam on Dean’s shoulder sent him excited waves. More than one nestling dropped back to the floor in their home with quiet thumps in their excitement to see the sprite-sized human, especially when he waved back with a grin.

Eclipse over Wellwood


With the eclipse going on, I couldn’t help thinking about what the sprites of Wellwood might think if the sun turned black for a few minutes in the middle of the day. Since they don’t have much reason to know what orbits are, they definitely wouldn’t make the connection that it’s the moon getting in the way.

Wellwood was a heartbeat of nervous energy. Cerul stood on the balcony of the cottonwood tree after the last twitchy-winged, concerned mother had fluttered back to her home tree. At last it seemed the tide of endless questions (mostly the same one) had ended. The sky and the air itself took on a strange tint as the last of the black disk slid over the sun far above them.

He only hoped he’d given the right advice. By the currents of worry on the air, he wasn’t sure.

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August 28th excerpt:

He glanced back to Bowman, who waited on his palm. “Y’know, Bowman, I think the more help we can bring in, the better,” he admitted.

Bowman perked up, and Jacob saw understanding in those green eyes. Bowman might not know how a lot of “human stuff” worked, but he was a smart little guy. “Dean and Sam,” he said.

Jacob nodded. “Dean and Sam,” he agreed. “I’m betting they can weigh in on this, too.”

August 27th excerpt:

“Stay with me, buddy,” Jacob encouraged before Bowman could ramble more. He curled his thumb and brushed it against Bowman’s wing. The wing twitched, and Bowman shot him an offended glare. “Start at the beginning for me. I’ll do whatever I can but you gotta keep me up to speed, dude.”

Bowman rolled his eyes. Jacob saw some of the familiar sass back in the sprite’s posture. “Yeah, I’ll keep up the speed,” he groused, mincing the phrase like he often did. Still the same Bowman.

If the wings dried out, it would be uncomfortable at the very least for the sprite. Painful, if it got bad enough. The wings are very sensitive to the air around them, so if they were dry and more brittle than normal then the poor sprite would be very sore. Of course, not being able to photosynthesize as efficiently would be a side effect, leading to fatigue and other related conditions that would make life harder for them.

As for Bowman’s fussing about his wings, he tends to go above and beyond what’s strictly needed. He might be willowy and lean, but he’s technically an athlete by their standards, so he keeps his wings stretched and fit. He preens regularly to massage the overworked joints, and he takes every opportunity to put them to use.