How about a smol jacob and bowman? Maybe in Brothers adopted or something

Smol Jacob will definitely meet his winged bestie in the future, even if they don’t know they’re destined to be buddies at the time!

“Hey,” Sam said softly, keeping his voice down to avoid waking either of the humans sleeping close by. He crept forward, getting close enough for Bowman to see them clearly in the light of the dying flames and held out his hands. It was a gesture he’d seen Dean do many times before, to prove he meant no harm.

It wouldn’t work for the hunter in this situation, with his hands alone a threat to the small sprite, but for Sam it should suffice.

“My name’s Sam, and this is my brother Jacob,” he introduced. “We were hoping to talk to you.”

Jacob nodded in agreement. “Just a talk. No humans listening in. Sound alright?”

Bowman stared between them as he contemplated. Finally, his wings relaxed and stopped crowding the glass walls around him. His shoulders slumped and his exhaustion from a stressful day became more obvious. “You … you two live in that one’s pocket,” he said, gesturing at Dean. “Why would you wanna stay in there?”

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