Folktales of the BA Borrowers/Littles

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Do the Littles have any of their own fairytales or lore? I mean, I know that humans are basically their bogeyman (one that they know for a fact exists and they live in fear of), but is there anything else for them? Any myths or legends?

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They generally don’t, but that’s more a part of their origin/upbringing than anything else.

  • Each borrower community is formed independent of the others, especially in different countries. Some may have their own beliefs, I will focus on the American and London borrowers that are a focus in the story.
  • The first borrowers were from a very religious town in past-England, and though they held onto their beliefs for a long time, their survival depended on a witch who was one of the last surviving bloodlines of the ancient druids. Without her they wouldn’t have survived, so their beliefs were replaced by a belief and trust in nature.
  • Many London borrowers are descended from that original borrower town, where they threw out their old beliefs.
  • American borrowers are fewer and further between, so they focus on survival above all else. There is no time for prayer between the tasks they carry out to keep on living.
  • The fact that they are no longer religious doesn’t mean they don’t believe in the supernatural. Most of them would take a supernatural being’s existence in stride, as they do all things.

They do have local legends and tales at times, depending on where they’re from. Sam and Dean would interview the borrowers much like humans (without Dean taking any part in it, since he would just scare them off).

There are many tales around one area with the borrowers who keep going missing from their homes after visits from a certain company

Would it have really made a difference if Bobby had told Dean about Littles before he encountered Sam at Trails West? In other words, would they still have met and, if they did, would it have been at all similar to their meeting in Brothers Apart?

It definitely would!

Dean would still be jumpy if he ran into Sam without warning, but he’s also not about to bother a person just minding their own business getting supplies. He’d be more likely to let them go and see if they knew anything about the problems Trails West has been having, since borrowers/littles are a very good source of information for the hunters that protect them.

So they would definitely still meet, Dean would grab Sam, let him go, probably with a warning that something’s up in the motel, and Sam wouldn’t be able to resist giving Dean a hand with it, only to discover just who Dean is in the first place. 



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Dean Winchester was the King of Pranks and memes, but what was he weeks before finding Sam and the new Brother Jacob? The victim.


Dean moaned a bit as he got up, you live another day…unlike Sam He thought sourly. His father hammered into his brain that it was his fault that his brother died, the sad thing is that he believes it.

He walked towards the door and instantly he felt as though someone was watching him. He huffed as Bobby’s voice rang out, “Breakfast boy!”

Dean had just finished a job when Bobby called him for another about a werewolf, he ended up staying for a few days before leaving again.

He walked out and down to the kitchen for some bacon and eggs, Bobby furrowed his brows in confusion, “Going for a new look?”

Dean paused and looked at Bobby with confusion, “What?”

Bobby coughed a bit, “Not that orange or pink aren’t your colors, but why?” Dean dashed to the closest mirror, he did not scream like a teenage girl who got food dumped onto her new shoes.

His hair was bright orange with hot pink tips, after running his hand through his hair, he realized that it wasn’t permanent and he could wash it out.

He turned to Bobby, “Very funny Bobby, when did you even do this? I’m a light sleeper.”

Bobby looked set back, “I didn’t do that, also the only hair dye I own is black.” Dean huffed, “Well I think I’ll lock the door tonight!”

Bobby shrugged as Dean ate, though he had a itching suspicion that a locked door isn’t going to save his head.

====Next Day====

A yell filled the air and a strawberry blond came falling down the stairs, “How did you do this!?”

Bobby bursted into a full belly laugh, “Boy, I’m too old for those types of jokes!” A serious look came over the older man’s face before disappearing into giggles.

Dean huffed before deciding to leave for the job that day. Bobby sighed with an amused smile as his kid left with an amused and confused face.

“You know…you should tell him.”

The old hunter turned around to see a tiny person on his kitchen table, mostly human but tiny. He would call her a little, but she wasn’t.

If the kitty features can say anything about it, “You dyed his hair and let him blame me!”

She shrugged as she slowly disappeared, “Just saying.”

Bobby, unperturbed by the disappearance, “I know…I know.”

Someone get kidnapped and is kept locked in a small room. They explore every inch of the wall in an attempt to find a weak spot. End up stumbling on the small folk’s entrance, which definitely seems off with how invisible it was

Hopefully they can convince the small folk to get them some help, if they can catch their attention! Sam and Dean always keep an ear out to see if there’s anything going on in the small folk world. They hear and see everything.

The way the curse itself works on the cursed children actually heightens their immune systems along with making them far stronger than an average human.

It’s extremely hard to get them sick with a common cold or the flu or even regular viruses. Not impossible, but as close to it as they can get. Their bodies fight off the infections long before they notice.

Getting drunk is far easier, and their own damn fault if they do it (smol Dean could use some lessons in portion control when it comes to drinking).

Of course, living most of their lives without getting common illnesses also leaves them incredibly unprepared if someone does get sick, the way Sam had no idea how to tend his older brother when Dean made the mistake of drinking until he got the worst hangover.

They’re much better at this now with some schooling from Jacob.

For the borrowers, they have a 9 month term pregnancy, just like humans! Having a child is more dangerous, because instead of going to a hospital and getting help from a doctor, they have no pain medication and instead rely on a midwife, often a close friend that lives nearby, especially in America, where they’re spread out. In London, they do have more specialized trades, so there would be an actual midwife to help.

Wood sprites tend to have a slightly shorter term. Luckily, they have a strong community around them to help with the birth. In Wellwood, the new mother is usually led somewhere just outside the village when it’s time, and then once the baby is born and cleaned up they come back home. Mama rests and everyone holds the new baby sprout. Thank the Spirit that wood sprites are born with their wings all curled up!

There are several select differences between them, their height the chief difference so far. More will be mentioned in the future, but for now know that none of the smols in my story that are like Walt Watch will ever come close to six inches in height. Four inches is tall for them, and four and a quarter would likely be close to their tallest.

“Borrowers” and “littles” are just names applied to them by humans over the years, and they don’t see the point in arguing against them. They’ve lost the memory of where they came from.

If Sam was to do the entire motel, it could easily take a month or more if he wanted to cover every possible place that littles could be. For his purposes, he will stick close to Dean’s room and look at the closest hallways. He’s checking for signs that anyone lives at the motel; small bootprints, signs that the inner wall has been modified to be more accessible, stuff like that.

He won’t ask to stay in a motel after their hunt is done unless he finds trace of his people.

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There’s all kinds of things they could make instruments out of, all they’re bound by is their imagination!

Drums can be formed out of animal hide like Walt makes (though it’s not something he’d do, at least. They gotta stay quiet at the motel). Small branches and sticks can be hollowed out into pipes, leaves can make noise all their own, hollow trees can form other styled drums, the list goes on!