Out of curiosity, I calculated how the spacing between the finger ridges look at different scales. At x1 scale they are about 0.3-0.4 mm apart, so to a smol (x19) it would look like 5.7-7.6 mm. For teddy Jacob, Dean’s (x50.66667) would look 15.2-20.3 mm apart, while Sam’s (x2.66667) would be 0.8-1.07 mm. As for giant Jacob, his ridges would look 108-144 mm apart to smol Sam (x360) and 288-384 mm to teddy Jacob (x960)! They both could fit their whole hand inside one of those valleys, easy!!!

Hot damn, so big!

That lil guy better keep his distance from the most giant giant! This is a handy reference.

It was Bobby who turned the radio on, wasn’t it? 😂😂

@birvan replied to your post: “July 25th excerpt: Looking back at the nightstand, Jacob glanced over…”

I was Chase, wasn’t it?

Two guesses for who would have turned on the radio while poor tiny Jacob was standing right next to the speaker! Goodness. The answer might be a little surprising, but it’s actually neither!

Chase, for one, would know better. At least in this AU, he’s fully caught up to how sensitive Jacob’s tiny ears are, and though he’s still as boisterous as ever, he knows to be careful with his tiny bestie. Chase was the one to grab Jacob and whisk him away from the noise as soon as he saw that it was too much for him.

Bobby didn’t turn on the radio, though he had a bit of a laugh about the startled reaction. Once he caught up to Chase and realized the little guy was too small for pranks like that, he helped in the telling people off.

It was actually some other friend that they all know, someone who doesn’t hang out with Jacob nearly as much and was quite new to the whole pocket-friend thing.

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Maybe Walt and Mallory managed to rescue Sam, but couldn’t reach Dean in time before the witch turned her attention to him?

Walt and Mallory knew the boys when they were kids, but only for a very short while. Both brothers are across the pond these days, long separated from those fuzzy, distant faces from their childhood.

I don’t know why, but when looking at Brothers Chosen I started wondering how things would unfold if Sherlock was one of the small folk instead (maybe Watson too, but mostly Sherlock)

Tiny Sherlock would be a lot like tiny Dean in so many respects. So much attitude and bravado and bristle all packed into an itty bitty body, practically overflowing. Of course he’s still cleverer than all those humans, even if he is forced to stay in hiding most of the time, which he would be very grumpy about. Borrower Sherlock has a chip on his shoulder and a lot to prove.

Another knack idea, someone who can shift their own “internal gravity”, so they could walk up walls or fall into the ceiling, where humans can’t catch him as easily (or float, if they practice constantly flipping the polarity to avoid building enough velocity in either direction)

Hopefully they never make the mistake of shifting their internal gravity when there’s no roof over their head to land on! Or if the roof is far distant from where they’re standing.

I think over the weekend, I’ll be able to write a post about the borrower knacks in BA, and touch on what causes them from the curse. This week has been a lot of fun brainstorming! More ahead!

What would your knack be? Let us know!

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This one would be particularly useful against rats. No one likes a mouthful of electricity (though in their case the weird tingling in their whiskers might serve as a warning). Lets just hope it’s something they can actually turn off when they don’t need it though…

They’ll have to work on practicing once they realize they’re doing it on purpose, that’s for sure. They don’t want to accidentally be lighting up the room when they’re trying to sneak away with supplies!

Via @enby-phoenix:


I think, especially the younger kids, this is perfectly possible. Luckily, in normal cases they don’t build up enough static electricity to stick to the walls, but if someone’s power is static electricity… Someone might come home to find an annoying younger sibling sticking to the wall and glaring daggers.

I know I already have my own knack, but I caught myself wondering what other ones could be hiding in the walls. And a funny one that came to mind was static electricity. Any human that tried to catch the borrower would get a small jolt, but on the other hand they’d be a literal magnet for all the dust and other stuff that gets attracted by those energies. Plus making everyone else’s hair stand on end ^^;

That kind of ability would certainly come as a surprise to the lil guy! Imagine as they grow older and get stronger with it, running around zapping their friends with mini lightning bolts when they’re bored, and sticking stuff to the wall with static cling!

There’s certainly a wealth of possibilities for what borrowers could have in the walls, and not all of them even realize they have it, or are like Walt, and never manifested it (the extreme stress he was under during The Ties That Bind is what broke his block in the end, giving him the chance to save his family).

What would your knack be? Let us know!

How many sprites (lets say the knights) would be necessary to win against the brothers in a tug of war? With and without use of wings allowed? Or just one?? (no point in mentioning Jacob, they’d probably need the whole village just to challenge his hand)

Well, lets see.

If smol Jacob can lift about 40x his weight, I’d say a regular borrower averages 10 to 15x. The brothers, being determined to keep physically fit, are likely around the 12 to 13x range. Once they get better nutrition, they’ll easily hit around 17 or 18x their weight in strength, if not more.

Really, the questions is: how long does it take the sprites to realize they should just start flying and lift the brothers off the ground so they can’t get any traction?

With wings, they’d just go with that route. Lift up the brothers while Jacob watches, unable to hide his snickering (Dean will get revenge on him, somehow). At least they’re good at dangling from a rope.

If they weren’t allowed to use wings except maybe to balance themselves, it probably wouldn’t take much for the brothers to knock several knights over, one by one. Sprites aren’t nearly as strong as one of the brothers. Poor guys would dig their heels in the best they could though. Then maybe have a few sparring matches with pine needle swords to make up for it.

(thanks to @torchmlp for the reference of smol Jacob’s strength)

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They can carry their snacks without the weight hindering them too much, so they can keep themselves fueled even at night! (especially since they’re used to survive on lean times if they have to)

That’s right! Carrying a bag or two of food is no big deal when they’ve been scaling up and down furniture most of their lives.

Plus the sprites always underestimate how long a human can run on little food! They’re very used to getting energy from the sun, while the brothers will be shocked to learn that’s what the sprite wings are for.