It was Bobby who turned the radio on, wasn’t it? 😂😂

@birvan replied to your post: “July 25th excerpt: Looking back at the nightstand, Jacob glanced over…”

I was Chase, wasn’t it?

Two guesses for who would have turned on the radio while poor tiny Jacob was standing right next to the speaker! Goodness. The answer might be a little surprising, but it’s actually neither!

Chase, for one, would know better. At least in this AU, he’s fully caught up to how sensitive Jacob’s tiny ears are, and though he’s still as boisterous as ever, he knows to be careful with his tiny bestie. Chase was the one to grab Jacob and whisk him away from the noise as soon as he saw that it was too much for him.

Bobby didn’t turn on the radio, though he had a bit of a laugh about the startled reaction. Once he caught up to Chase and realized the little guy was too small for pranks like that, he helped in the telling people off.

It was actually some other friend that they all know, someone who doesn’t hang out with Jacob nearly as much and was quite new to the whole pocket-friend thing.

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