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The newly-minted team of hunters runs into some downtime between cases. Sam and Dean Winchester, cursed to live at a fraction of their original height, agree to a new trip with Jacob; this time on the road home to reassure his mom he’s still alive and kicking.

An uninvited guest throws this family reunion into a mess, and suddenly Jacob’s left alone to piece together what happened…

Bobby Loran quirked an eyebrow at the monstrous car parked outside of Jacob’s house. The black and chrome classic sparked envy in him, and he found himself wondering who was driving that around. He doubted it was Jacob’s stepdad, and his mom probably never would.

It was equally hard to believe that Jacob would end up with such a nice car, considering the less than glamorous line of work he’d taken up.

Not that Bobby would judge his old friend for it. Jacob had never been afraid of hard work. Bobby hadn’t had a chance to hang out with Jacob in a long time, but as soon as he heard the big guy was back in town, he paid the little house a visit. The tiny front lawn was immaculate as always, showing off Mariana’s care for the landscaping. Despite having a smaller home, she took the advice from magazines to heart.

Bobby traipsed up the lawn to knock on the door, glad to be in the shade of the house after the walk there. There was a shuffling of shoes on hardwood floors before the door opened and Mariana answered. Bobby offered her a smile; anyone who knew Jacob knew that his mother was one of the sweetest people on the planet.

“Hey, Mrs. Andris,” he greeted her. “I hear Jacob’s back in town?”

She bobbed her head and her curls bounced with the motion. “You hear right, Bobby, but our timing’s off. I sent him into the city with my car to run some errands for me. You’re welcome to come inside and wait for him, though; I doubt he’ll be gone too much longer.”

“Thank you, ma’am, I might just do that,” he replied, stepping into the house.

“Good to see you again, hon,” Mariana said, closing the door before opening her arms for a hug. 

Bobby chuckled and let the petite woman embrace him. “Yeah,” he replied.

Once Mariana took her leave to return to whatever she’d been bustling about doing (she always had a project going on when she wasn’t at one of her jobs), Bobby trudged up the stairs, tired footsteps landing a little heavier than might usually happen. He’d visited enough times to know exactly where Jacob’s room was, and he didn’t even look up from the phone he’d retrieved from his pocket to check for texts until he’d already thrown the door open and walked in.

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anonymous asked:

Absolutely random question, what would happen if Bowman met a rather territorial/hungry swan (his wings do look like pretty fresh and appetizing leaves stuck to a twig)? It might not be nearly as fast and agile, but that hissing, white-feathered-snake-for-neck has some pretty strong, large, air displacing wings

Bowman would have to do his best to dart away from the blasted bird. How dare it hiss at him? It’s lucky he has a lot of practice handling harsh winds in flight, so he might be able to avoid being knocked off balance until he could get away from the thing. The angry honks would send him right into the canopy.

anonymous  asked:

Will jacob from Brothers Adopted gett to meet his friends again (Chase Bobby…)?

We haven’t planned for this yet, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility. We’ve brought Chase in on another AU, and he is doing well there, so he’d be fun to bring into some others if the ideas came along.

Poor Jacob in Brothers Adopted might be nervous to try such a meeting, though. He’s accepted his curse, for the most part, but a part of it still stings. When he tried to reunite with his mother, he never expected her to reject him. He’d be worried about the same kind of response from his old friends, and might avoid the topic if it ever came up.

Bobby might be a little bit pushy at first, but Chase would stand up for his buddy. He’d be a good friend to Jacob like he always is.

anonymous asked:

How often will Jacob be having flashbacks from his ptsd in wonderland? How would the others react? Also, how would smols in general react to a human having ptsd flashbacks?

Jacob will be dealing with the backlash from Wonderland for a bit. I imagine he won’t even realize, sometimes, that he’s doing something because of his trauma, because so much happened in such a condensed time. So even something like his mom casually snapping her fingers as she tries to remember something will send him out of a room, and wide open spaces will give him pause. He’ll throw himself into other things to keep his mind off of it (like learning Morse code with Sam). But it will come to a head eventually, and the others will find out.

Rischa knows he’s dealing with more than he wants to let on. She’s been kind enough not to mention it to Bowman yet.

Dean of Nowhere

(Story 2 of the Brothers Asunder series)

Cowritten by @nightmares06 and @neonthewrite

A man without a home. A hunter without a family.

Dean Winchester comes from nothing and lives for no one, but dedicated his life to saving people in need. Now, an unexpected attack on two campers by one of their best friends draws Dean to Wellwood forest, towards an unexpected reunion.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Jacob Andris, Bobby Loran, Chase Lisong, Rischa Songbird,

Sam Winchester, Bowman Leafwing, Scar Wolfblind, Cerul Elanwyn, Vel, the demon

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Artwork by @jennilah! ( @ask-tinycas )

In the Jacob In Wonderland story, when Jacob and Sam were stuck in the doll/toy shop, Jacob saw his friend Bobby Loran and thought to try to communicate with him but at the end he thought against it. If I remember correctly, you wrote in the notes at the end of that chapter that it’s a good thing Bobby didn’t see Jacob was real. So, what would have happened to Jake if Bobby would have noticed him??

It’s not that Bobby is necessarily the worst option out there. He has a very bad track record with little guys so far in every story I’ve written him in (beginning with his original canon appearance in Bowman of Wellwood). The guy thinks that being bigger = being in charge. Combine that with seeing his normally 6′5″ friend at such a small size, and there would be a lot of teasing. He’d most likely be a bit too harsh for such a little guy before he stopped to listen.

Sam, being the independent and confident little guy that he is, would probably annoy Bobby a bit (Why isn’t he acting at least a little intimidated???). They’d need Jacob there to keep him focused.

Will we get to see the Something Borrowed Jacob interacting with Chase and Bobby?

Absolutely! Jacob is one of three musketeers, more or less. He will have to see his buddies, no matter how big they are to him. I have a little sneak peek of the first time he saw Chase after being shrunk down.

“Hey, Mrs. Andris,” a voice greeted somewhere in the house. From a distance, it almost sounded normal. Jacob watched the archway with a fluttering heart as his mother greeted Chase in turn.

More footsteps. Jacob stood up as straight as he could, and the room loomed all around him. As they approached, his mother’s voice, so much bigger than it used to be, explained the plan for the night. “Jacob’s just in here. You two can hang out, catch up and all … I already ordered some food for later so we can all have some dinner. Just remember to keep your voice down.”

Jacob’s face blushed fire as the last comment came out, but soon he could only focus on the two giant figures that appeared in the archway. His mom and Chase both were not especially tall people. Chase was holding steady at five foot three, and his mom was around the same.

Jacob shuddered despite knowing he could trust both of them. As soon as their eyes were on him, he was spotted by giants.

Chase Lisong, a Chinese boy with a charismatic demeanor and a constant Cheshire-Cat attitude, grinned as soon as he saw Jacob standing on the table. “Hey, dude, long time no see!” he greeted, stepping right up to the table. Jacob had to tilt his head back as Chase came closer, and then he had to brace himself as the much larger person pulled out a chair and sat down, sending an earthquake under his shoes.

People were so much faster than Jacob now. He couldn’t hope to keep up.

But at least his friend had given him a normal greeting. Out of all the shit-talking Jacob expected, Chase acted like nothing was different.

It was Bobby who turned the radio on, wasn’t it? 😂😂

@birvan replied to your post: “July 25th excerpt: Looking back at the nightstand, Jacob glanced over…”

I was Chase, wasn’t it?

Two guesses for who would have turned on the radio while poor tiny Jacob was standing right next to the speaker! Goodness. The answer might be a little surprising, but it’s actually neither!

Chase, for one, would know better. At least in this AU, he’s fully caught up to how sensitive Jacob’s tiny ears are, and though he’s still as boisterous as ever, he knows to be careful with his tiny bestie. Chase was the one to grab Jacob and whisk him away from the noise as soon as he saw that it was too much for him.

Bobby didn’t turn on the radio, though he had a bit of a laugh about the startled reaction. Once he caught up to Chase and realized the little guy was too small for pranks like that, he helped in the telling people off.

It was actually some other friend that they all know, someone who doesn’t hang out with Jacob nearly as much and was quite new to the whole pocket-friend thing.

What powers would Chase and Bobby have if they got downsized?

Oh gosh, these two!

I’ve mused a bit about Chase’s knack, since he’s easier for me to write. Chase would have a natural charisma, an ability to influence the emotions of those around him (think Mantis from Guardians of the Galaxy, except he doesn’t necessarily need physical contact). It’d be a good way for him to keep the peace among whichever group he’s in, or, if he can manage to get close enough, make a human tired or inattentive enough to escape notice.

Bobby was tougher for me to figure out, but @nightmares06 gave me a good idea. Bobby, since a lot of his insecurities are on how he measures up to others, would have a knack to borrow others’ knacks for a short time. Only one at a time, and since he’s not used to them he wouldn’t have as much finesse with them. He’d be quicker to burn them out than the actual “owner” of the knack.

Bonus: Chase’s little sister, Minnie, would have a knack to detect life. Very useful for finding out if a human is in a room, or seeing if there is a rat somewhere in the walls.

One of Jacob’s friends surprises him at the hotel since it’s been awhile since they saw him last. getting the location from his worried mother. He’s got to figure out a way to explain the sudden appearance of sprites without wings in motel rooms.

Dean and Bobby Loran would be the worst mixing of characters, especially a smol Dean with Bobby. Someone’s gonna get hurt if Jacob isn’t there to help.

Considering in the motel sprites au Jacob’s friends at least know about sprites (and they know he Will Punch someone who threatens them too much), they might hesitate. Chase would definitely be more chill about it, and most likely just heckle Dean with innocent teasing. Bobby Loran, though, even if he’s learned a thing or two about respecting smol folk, needs to be watched more closely.

Of those three human dorks, Bobby would be likely to learn Dean’s mantra of “You grab, I stab” very quickly. For once it’s not Jacob getting slashed.

If you mean teddy sized to some humans (like a foot tall or thereabouts), for both Bobby Loran and Chase Lisong, I think the first reaction would be something like “What the fuck, dude.”

Chase would tease, but he’d be more likely to notice that Jacob is freaked out and try to also focus on getting him back to normal. Y’know, still messing with him here and there but also recognizing that it’s kinda scary.

Bobby would probably tease him a lot more. Pushing the little guy around in his fascination over the change. None of them are really used to Jacob not being the biggest and strongest of the group. Bobby might get a little carried away, but Chase would step in to tell him off before long.

If you mean extra smol Jacob (teddy sized to little guys like Sam), Jacob would have to really hope no one’s first reaction is to grab. It’s way too easy to accidentally hurt him at that size.

Woo! You hit it on the nail!

(And you were so super close we were rooting for you XD Saw the guesses come in like Soooooo clooooose…)

You’ve earned everyone a look at Bobby of Far Away!

And… it’s not the Bobby people adore.

“We were helping you! ” Sam snapped angrily up at the human. “Why the hell would you do this?!”

Scar wavered, with his legs only caught from just above the knees and down. He glared in surprise at the human, but cursed himself for his mistake even as the giant stared in smug triumph at him. He’d miscalculated and made a dangerous error in taking his focus off the enemy for even a second. He should have known better.

But this Bobby acted like no foe Scar had ever encountered before. The attack had hurt him, but he didn’t care.

“I’m doing it because it’s my land and I’ve been looking for sprites for forever?!” Bobby answered, exasperated and clearly annoyed that he even bothered to explain at all. It was clear on his face that it was a waste of time. “Now shuddup, would ya? This is a big deal.” He held Scar up at his eye level, watching the lean little guy try to stay upright while also trying to tug his legs free. It was futile, of course. He was way too weak.

“Blast it, you child,” Scar hissed. “Let go of us both now!” he demanded.

Bobby, of course, ignored him. Instead, he raised his other hand, the one still clamped around Sam. After adjusting his grip a little, he was able to pinch one of the fluttering, leafy wings in his thumb and first finger to stretch it out and look at it in the dying light.

“Owning land doesn’t mean you own people,” Sam snapped up at the human. When Bobby’s grip shifted around him, he managed to pull out an arm and try to shove against the hand he was trapped in. He couldn’t gain any traction at all. He might be stronger than a sprite but that meant almost nothing compared to a human of any size. Bobby was younger than him, and he was as inconsequential as a toy in those huge fingers as they shifted around him to examine the sprite.

“Leave his wings alone!” Sam shouted, punching in frustration against the knuckle he was closest to. He shoved his boots against the skin they were trapped within, wishing they had sharper heels to use as weapons.

“Nope,” Bobby shot back absently, even while he forced the wing into different angles to see how it moved. Scar winced and continued to struggle against him, but the movements were subdued with one wing stretched out. He couldn’t risk twisting at the wrong angle and damaging his wing.

Why? ” Scar spat. “What are you planning?”