In the Jacob In Wonderland story, when Jacob and Sam were stuck in the doll/toy shop, Jacob saw his friend Bobby Loran and thought to try to communicate with him but at the end he thought against it. If I remember correctly, you wrote in the notes at the end of that chapter that it’s a good thing Bobby didn’t see Jacob was real. So, what would have happened to Jake if Bobby would have noticed him??

It’s not that Bobby is necessarily the worst option out there. He has a very bad track record with little guys so far in every story I’ve written him in (beginning with his original canon appearance in Bowman of Wellwood). The guy thinks that being bigger = being in charge. Combine that with seeing his normally 6′5″ friend at such a small size, and there would be a lot of teasing. He’d most likely be a bit too harsh for such a little guy before he stopped to listen.

Sam, being the independent and confident little guy that he is, would probably annoy Bobby a bit (Why isn’t he acting at least a little intimidated???). They’d need Jacob there to keep him focused.

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