Will we get to see the Something Borrowed Jacob interacting with Chase and Bobby?

Absolutely! Jacob is one of three musketeers, more or less. He will have to see his buddies, no matter how big they are to him. I have a little sneak peek of the first time he saw Chase after being shrunk down.

“Hey, Mrs. Andris,” a voice greeted somewhere in the house. From a distance, it almost sounded normal. Jacob watched the archway with a fluttering heart as his mother greeted Chase in turn.

More footsteps. Jacob stood up as straight as he could, and the room loomed all around him. As they approached, his mother’s voice, so much bigger than it used to be, explained the plan for the night. “Jacob’s just in here. You two can hang out, catch up and all … I already ordered some food for later so we can all have some dinner. Just remember to keep your voice down.”

Jacob’s face blushed fire as the last comment came out, but soon he could only focus on the two giant figures that appeared in the archway. His mom and Chase both were not especially tall people. Chase was holding steady at five foot three, and his mom was around the same.

Jacob shuddered despite knowing he could trust both of them. As soon as their eyes were on him, he was spotted by giants.

Chase Lisong, a Chinese boy with a charismatic demeanor and a constant Cheshire-Cat attitude, grinned as soon as he saw Jacob standing on the table. “Hey, dude, long time no see!” he greeted, stepping right up to the table. Jacob had to tilt his head back as Chase came closer, and then he had to brace himself as the much larger person pulled out a chair and sat down, sending an earthquake under his shoes.

People were so much faster than Jacob now. He couldn’t hope to keep up.

But at least his friend had given him a normal greeting. Out of all the shit-talking Jacob expected, Chase acted like nothing was different.

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