Who’s your favorite?

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Who is your favourite character?

It’s impossible to choose! I can’t even pick a favorite Winchester; I love them both for different reasons!

Since it’s pretty obvious I love my supernatural characters, since I’m always writing them, I’ll just touch on the OCs that come to mind:

Jacob is an absolute sweetheart, he reminds me so much of my own husband. Tol and gentle, very hard to piss off. He needs a few bops, but always takes scoldings from the smols to heart (once he figures out they’re not joking around with him during initial encounters).

Oscar is just such a wee bean, he needs all the food and hugs and mousies there are. Give him a sandwich and some pie, stat. And as mild as he is, he still pulls through for them, the bravest lil guy around.

Walt was such a surprise of a character, considering initial plans were that he didn’t survive the first story. Here he is, telling off giants in multiple AUs, and being the best borrower dad around.

Stan’s such great fun. He and Dean were just meant to be best friends from the start. I’m looking forward to sharing more stories with him in them!

Chase is an absolute spaz 😉


Emotional Manipulation

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So there are borrowers who can read others’ emotions, but could a borrower potentially exert their own influence on others’ feelings? Like, say a borrower encounters a disgruntled bean—they’d be able to take the edge off of their anger with a knack? 🙂


This style knack is not only possible, we have a few characters that will show up with it!

If Chase is ever one of the cursed children, this would be his knack!

Emotional manipulation: The ability to influence the emotions around him, with no need for physical contact. A way for Chase to keep the peace among whichever group he’s in, or, if he can manage to get close enough, make a human tired or inattentive enough to escape notice. 

Another character, who remains unrevealed as he has not appeared in any posted stories and no one has guessed his knack, will have a similar ability, weaker in some ways and stronger in others. While Chase can manipulate from a distance, this person needs physical contact, but they are also strong enough, if they focus, to also affect borrowers. It’s very rare that borrowers can affect each other, because the angel Grace in them also gives them a buffer against outside manipulation.

Since I had left Chase, Minnie and Bobby Loran off of the knack masterpost, I have since added them and their knacks to it!

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Absolutely random question, what would happen if Bowman met a rather territorial/hungry swan (his wings do look like pretty fresh and appetizing leaves stuck to a twig)? It might not be nearly as fast and agile, but that hissing, white-feathered-snake-for-neck has some pretty strong, large, air displacing wings

Bowman would have to do his best to dart away from the blasted bird. How dare it hiss at him? It’s lucky he has a lot of practice handling harsh winds in flight, so he might be able to avoid being knocked off balance until he could get away from the thing. The angry honks would send him right into the canopy.

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Will jacob from Brothers Adopted gett to meet his friends again (Chase Bobby…)?

We haven’t planned for this yet, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility. We’ve brought Chase in on another AU, and he is doing well there, so he’d be fun to bring into some others if the ideas came along.

Poor Jacob in Brothers Adopted might be nervous to try such a meeting, though. He’s accepted his curse, for the most part, but a part of it still stings. When he tried to reunite with his mother, he never expected her to reject him. He’d be worried about the same kind of response from his old friends, and might avoid the topic if it ever came up.

Bobby might be a little bit pushy at first, but Chase would stand up for his buddy. He’d be a good friend to Jacob like he always is.

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How often will Jacob be having flashbacks from his ptsd in wonderland? How would the others react? Also, how would smols in general react to a human having ptsd flashbacks?

Jacob will be dealing with the backlash from Wonderland for a bit. I imagine he won’t even realize, sometimes, that he’s doing something because of his trauma, because so much happened in such a condensed time. So even something like his mom casually snapping her fingers as she tries to remember something will send him out of a room, and wide open spaces will give him pause. He’ll throw himself into other things to keep his mind off of it (like learning Morse code with Sam). But it will come to a head eventually, and the others will find out.

Rischa knows he’s dealing with more than he wants to let on. She’s been kind enough not to mention it to Bowman yet.

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(If I get anything wrong, please let me know)You said Destiel and Johnlock isn’t canon in the BA universe, so I get that there not gonna be together, but does that necessarily mean that all four of them are heterosexual?(Aside from whether it will actually show in the stories).I know you have quite a few lgbt OCs(Stan, Nathan, Chase, Jacob, did I miss anyone?), are there any other characters from the LGBT society? I love all your characters and your work is amazing! Thank for being so awesome!

Well, you’ve got it half right– two of the four are hetero!

Dean and John stick with strictly hetero relationships in the Brothers Apart multiverse, but Sherlock and Cas are another story.

As an angel of the Lord, Castiel in his angelic form is both agender and asexual. He does take on the attributes of his vessel if he inhabits them for long enough, so when Dean knows him he is a male, while he has also been a female in the distant past. Sherlock, as well, is asexual, married to his work more than any person he could fall in love with. 

As far as other characters that appear in the storylines that are on the LGBT spectrum, we do actually have quite a few others…

Celeste, like her younger brother Castiel, was agender and asexual, though in the past she has shown a liking for women, and has currently been inhabiting a vessel for several hundred years, giving her a female way of thinking as she picks up her vessel’s habits.

All aeternum sprites are strictly feminine. There are no males of their race (making Sam quite an odd sight for Nixie!), and they do have relationships with each other. The fire sprites especially, with the burning passion that they feel for all things. Air sprites as well, though those relationships tend to spark quickly and end fast. Water and earth are more subdued, but very committed partners.

The characters Bardolph and Xander (who appear in this short story, and will be appearing later on in Brothers Apart season 3), are a pair of borrowers that will also fit on the spectrum. Barry has no interest in women, and Xander is surprised to find out he’s interested in both men and women. They’re particular faves.

Barry and Xander, done by @dolphiana!

Adriana the witch is as straight as a lightning bolt, but not in a good way. She’s perfectly willing to use people, men or women, to further her cause. Relationships are no exception. 

Adriana of the Woods, by @mogadeer!


Yep, you got Jacob and Chase right! Jacob Andris is ace/aro, so he’d be less interested in dating and more interested in being your buddy. He’s a very good hugger and listener, so that’s a good combo right there. Chase Lisong is bisexual with no strong preference of any gender over another.

In addition to them, nearly every one of my sprites (including Bowman Leafwing) is biromantic/demisexual.

I also have Elias Dawn, a genderfluid/pansexual trickster that may someday make an appearance in the BA Multiverse!

Artwork by @therealbrigeedarocks

Dean of Nowhere

(Story 2 of the Brothers Asunder series)

Cowritten by @nightmares06 and @neonthewrite

A man without a home. A hunter without a family.

Dean Winchester comes from nothing and lives for no one, but dedicated his life to saving people in need. Now, an unexpected attack on two campers by one of their best friends draws Dean to Wellwood forest, towards an unexpected reunion.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Jacob Andris, Bobby Loran, Chase Lisong, Rischa Songbird,

Sam Winchester, Bowman Leafwing, Scar Wolfblind, Cerul Elanwyn, Vel, the demon

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Artwork by @jennilah! ( @ask-tinycas )

Will we get to see the Something Borrowed Jacob interacting with Chase and Bobby?

Absolutely! Jacob is one of three musketeers, more or less. He will have to see his buddies, no matter how big they are to him. I have a little sneak peek of the first time he saw Chase after being shrunk down.

“Hey, Mrs. Andris,” a voice greeted somewhere in the house. From a distance, it almost sounded normal. Jacob watched the archway with a fluttering heart as his mother greeted Chase in turn.

More footsteps. Jacob stood up as straight as he could, and the room loomed all around him. As they approached, his mother’s voice, so much bigger than it used to be, explained the plan for the night. “Jacob’s just in here. You two can hang out, catch up and all … I already ordered some food for later so we can all have some dinner. Just remember to keep your voice down.”

Jacob’s face blushed fire as the last comment came out, but soon he could only focus on the two giant figures that appeared in the archway. His mom and Chase both were not especially tall people. Chase was holding steady at five foot three, and his mom was around the same.

Jacob shuddered despite knowing he could trust both of them. As soon as their eyes were on him, he was spotted by giants.

Chase Lisong, a Chinese boy with a charismatic demeanor and a constant Cheshire-Cat attitude, grinned as soon as he saw Jacob standing on the table. “Hey, dude, long time no see!” he greeted, stepping right up to the table. Jacob had to tilt his head back as Chase came closer, and then he had to brace himself as the much larger person pulled out a chair and sat down, sending an earthquake under his shoes.

People were so much faster than Jacob now. He couldn’t hope to keep up.

But at least his friend had given him a normal greeting. Out of all the shit-talking Jacob expected, Chase acted like nothing was different.

It was Bobby who turned the radio on, wasn’t it? 😂😂

@birvan replied to your post: “July 25th excerpt: Looking back at the nightstand, Jacob glanced over…”

I was Chase, wasn’t it?

Two guesses for who would have turned on the radio while poor tiny Jacob was standing right next to the speaker! Goodness. The answer might be a little surprising, but it’s actually neither!

Chase, for one, would know better. At least in this AU, he’s fully caught up to how sensitive Jacob’s tiny ears are, and though he’s still as boisterous as ever, he knows to be careful with his tiny bestie. Chase was the one to grab Jacob and whisk him away from the noise as soon as he saw that it was too much for him.

Bobby didn’t turn on the radio, though he had a bit of a laugh about the startled reaction. Once he caught up to Chase and realized the little guy was too small for pranks like that, he helped in the telling people off.

It was actually some other friend that they all know, someone who doesn’t hang out with Jacob nearly as much and was quite new to the whole pocket-friend thing.

What powers would Chase and Bobby have if they got downsized?

Oh gosh, these two!

I’ve mused a bit about Chase’s knack, since he’s easier for me to write. Chase would have a natural charisma, an ability to influence the emotions of those around him (think Mantis from Guardians of the Galaxy, except he doesn’t necessarily need physical contact). It’d be a good way for him to keep the peace among whichever group he’s in, or, if he can manage to get close enough, make a human tired or inattentive enough to escape notice.

Bobby was tougher for me to figure out, but @nightmares06 gave me a good idea. Bobby, since a lot of his insecurities are on how he measures up to others, would have a knack to borrow others’ knacks for a short time. Only one at a time, and since he’s not used to them he wouldn’t have as much finesse with them. He’d be quicker to burn them out than the actual “owner” of the knack.

Bonus: Chase’s little sister, Minnie, would have a knack to detect life. Very useful for finding out if a human is in a room, or seeing if there is a rat somewhere in the walls.

Ready to Mingle


The day really snuck up on me. I decided to do one of my writing prompts for the year with a Valentine’s theme, and this is the result. Jacob, as ace as can be, giving a pep talk to his best buddy on the day of dates and hearts and all that sappy stuff. The start of it came from a prompt, which I’ll put in bold, and the rest is mine.

“Just let me have like three seconds to pretend everything is okay before we go back in there.”

Jacob raised his eyebrows and wrestled a bemused smirk from his face. “Seriously, dude? It’s just some cheesey dance.”

Chase shot him an exasperated look. Of the two of them, he seemed better prepared for the event. His suit was crisp and he’d actually put some effort into styling his sleek black hair. By contrast, Jacob had a nice button-up shirt, some slacks, and he’d done his hair in the same style he always did. Chase was ready to charm people, by the looks of things.

It was odd to see him so unnerved about a social event. If Bobby wasn’t spending the whole time with his girlfriend, he’d have already started giving him shit over this.

Jacob was tempted, but instead he clapped his small friend on the back. “Come on, Chase,” he encouraged. “There’s free food in there. That’s like specifically for the people who showed up without dates. Eat your loneliness.”

Chase sent him one more put-upon look, and then glanced at the doors back into the gym. The hallway was decorated with signs and streamers in red, pink, and white, all pointing towards that big echo chamber. Their school didn’t have many dance events like this, but everyone always went to them.

What else was there to do?

“Come on, man,” Chase muttered. “This is easy for you. You get to just go ‘nah’ to the whole date thing and go have fun.”

Jacob rolled his eyes. “You know, bi or not, you could just do that, too. You don’t have to have a date.”

Chase huffed and stood up straight. Next to Jacob, he barely even reached a shoulder, but his usual confidence returned in small bursts all the same. Chase was the kind of person who could talk his way into (or out of) anything. Or, most anything. He’d asked a handful of people to go to the event with him, but they’d all paired up already.

“They better be good and ready for me, then,” he said, almost more to himself, but Jacob laughed along with him. When he opened the door again, the music and talking all but burst out into the hall, welcoming them back to the party.

Chase’s grin was already back in place. “Who’s ready to mingle?”

Sneak peek!

As everyone knows #eotm was guessed at last by @torchmlp​! Epidemic of the Mannequins was inspired by the song Through Glass, by Stone Sour, and reflects a lot of the themes found within. Definitely a must-listen!

“Oh no. Oh shit.”

Sam glanced over, confusion on his face. “Dean, what…?”

Dean leapt into action when he saw Chase shift his weight, and bolt. “Sam, you’ve gotta catch him!” he snapped, his mind switching right over to problem solving mode. “Jacob will just make things worse if he tries to grab Chase.”

“But, what do you…” Sam trailed off as he spotted what Dean had seen far too late.

Jacob, standing directly over Chase after he’d shrunk.

“Just go!” Dean said, pushing Sam towards the edge. It was only a second before Sam had his hook wedged into the edge of the dresser and was dwindling down towards the floor. Dean got his own hook out, preparing himself for the same (if slightly slower) journey, and glared up at Jacob. “Make sure he doesn’t reach the door!”

By the time Dean had his hook wedged and was dropping down to the floor himself, Sam had already touched down and darted after Chase, his longer legs closing the distance.

Jacob’s eyes were wide. Everything had shifted so quickly, and yet he could probably cover the distance Chase had managed to run in one mid-sized step. His best friend was quick, but so small. He ran with the kind of fervor that only came about with blinding terror. One little glance over a tiny shoulder explained it in clear terms.

Chase was terrified of Jacob.

Is anyone else as big a fan of tiny Chase as I am? XD


Artwork by @mogadeer