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I’m actually gonna piggyback off this question. For my entry into the contest I had a few of the tols in a homely setting. So I’m kind of interested in their second question — while at home and relaxing, are they the type of people to go barefoot or wear socks? For characters like Jacob, in his house is it common to wear shoes inside or are they the type of household who leave their shoes in a small locker by the entrance? 

For the most part, this is going to come down to pure preference for the family in question. A lot will likely leave their shoes by the door to avoid tracking mud into the household. On the other hand, younger kids (and hunters like Sam and Dean) won’t take off their shoes or boots unless they absolutely need to.

Dean, for instance, barely gave in to taking off his boots when he was watching a movie while sitting in bed, and he only gave in when Sam insisted, tossing his boots in the corner in Jacob in Wonderland.

In the Andris house, Mariana likes to keep things clean. She makes sure outdoors shoes are left by the door if she can. Jacob wears socks around, and so does his stepdad. Mariana herself wears flat slippers when she’s in the house.

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Given smols (without flight) are usually level with the ground, one of the first things they see is a big’s feet.

I’m curious. What type of shoewear do the bigs in the BA multiverse prefer? Also, when at home/relaxing do they favor socks or no socks? Lastly, for human-sized bigs, what are their shoe sizes? Who would intimidate a grounded smol more?

Thanks for your time!

Well, the Supernatural verse parallels reality in how people look and dress per area, and BA parallels Supernatural, so we won’t see huge differences between the tols in the verses!

Hunters like Sam and Dean tend to wear boots, which are certainly intimidating for a smol to see! We’ve got a few scenes in Jacob in Wonderland where Jacob has the misfortune to end up on the floor completely unknown to Dean, wearing a hoodie that blends in with the rug.

The Brits in Brothers Consulted mostly stick to dress shoes, and Stan certainly has a good sense of fashion compared to the others!

July 14th excerpt:

“Tell you what,” John offered Sam a small encouraging smile. “How ‘bout some breakfast, and when your brother wakes up I’ll see what I can do to help both your burns. Sound good?”

“That sounds great!” Sam said, clambering to his feet. Realizing he didn’t have boots on, his bare feet slapping against the wood, he hurriedly grabbed his boots, slipping into his dry socks. “Whatcha got?”

May 18th excerpt:

The opening of a car door gave Dean only a second’s warning before the floor dropped out from under him and the box plummeted as Stan sat down, but it was slower than the other motions. Dean was able to catch himself and push back up against one of the side walls next to an air slit.

While Stan talked, Dean curled his fingers around the opening, trying to anchor himself in place in preparation for any other movements that might come, trying to calm his breathing and focus, but focus was hard to find. He caught a glimpse out the side of the box of a window far overhead, and could only guess that he must be in a car from the way it curved. He clenched his hands on the edge of the air slit, using his boots to push himself securely into the corner.


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December 20th excerpt:

Stan’s frantic run stuttered at the tremble of the aftershocks of the hunter’s impact through the floor. He glanced over his shoulder at the sudden threat that had invaded their home, and regretted it immediately. He thought he’d been terrified before just feeling the tremors of each step of the hunters’ entrance, hearing their deep, rumbling voices that seemed to vibrate the very air and send shudders through the smaller man’s chest.

But looking back…

Just looking straight on, he could see enormous boots well past Nicholas’ shoes. Rugged jeans seemed to rise straight into the sky from them, and Stan didn’t dare look up to see who they were attached to.

October 1st excerpt:

Stalking over to Dean’s boot, Sam pounded his fist on the thick leather and called up “Dean! Down here!”

In seconds, Dean was kneeling down again, the sight of him dropping down so fast and from so close nearly making Sam’s head spin. He jabbed a finger at the smudged mark. “Bowman found something that looks right, can you see it?”

Dean squinted, and after a long moment put a hand down on the ground near them, glancing around himself to see if anyone else was nearby, then going flat on his stomach. He peered closely at the ground before shaking his head. “Maybe… a smudge or something.”

August 23rd excerpt:

“Nothing’s your fault, ‘cause I’m fine.”

Curling his fist closer around Jacob, Dean lifted up the kid so he could get his first good look at him since getting home. “How’m I supposed to know that though?” he griped, squinting his eyes so he could see Jacob clearly.

Easier said than done. The whiskey from the bar had blurred Dean’s vision to the point where Jacob’s tiny, delicate features hard to see. Dean nudged one of the boots that dangled from the bottom of his hand, touching the leg to see if it was hurt.

July 31st excerpt:

With that said, he finally slid the last length down to Dean’s hand. Giant, Jacob-sized fingers were curled up, creating a net for him to land safely in. Jacob wasted no time lifting the cuff of Dean’s sleeve as much as he could. Part of it was held down by the ropes.

“Aha!” he said triumphantly, practically diving into the sleeve. There was a blade tucked in between the shirt and jacket, just like Jacob thought. He grabbed the dull edge with both hands and planted his tiny boots on Dean’s wrist to give the hidden weapon a tug. It would be three quarters of Jacob’s length, perfect for sawing at the bindings.

The blade was big, but it was made to slide free with just a flick from Dean’s wrist, making it easy for Jacob to pull it out. The slight tickle against his wrist made Dean twitch under Jacob’s boots, but he didn’t rouse. There was only some slight flexing of those massive fingers before they relaxed.