May 21st excerpt:

Oscar took in a shuddering breath while his body was still racked by sobs and his tense shivering. Any shot at answering, even with a weak plea for his life, was lost as soon as he peeked his eyes open. A huge face, bigger than he knew how to fathom, still hovered overhead, staring at him. After years living under the rule of don’t be seen, a weird mix of fear and guilt locked up his reply.

They were so loud anyway. They probably wouldn’t hear his meek little voice if he spoke.

April 30th excerpt:

Oscar was so dizzy from leaving the floor behind so fast that he almost didn’t realize what had caused it. With the words echoing so close to where he sat now, it clicked. He’d been picked up, plucked right off the floor. The hands cupped under him weren’t as massive as they would be if the human was fully grown, but that hardly mattered. Oscar’s weight offered no resistance at all.

He almost shrank away from the fingertip brushing his arm, but then I didn’ wan’ you running away echoed in his head in time with his desperate gasps. He was good and caught now. If he tried to run, he’d just be caught again.

April 29th excerpt:

When light flooded into the small space again, Oscar squeaked in alarm and tried to push himself back without keeping his balance. He flopped backwards before righting himself and scooting away, one hand up to guard against the light.

He bumped into the other side of his erstwhile prison and flinched away from the fingers. A cry rose in his throat and he looked back and forth for some other way out of this mess.

He found none, and finally covered his face with his hands. The tears came in a tide along with a choked wail of fear.

“Oh no!”

April 19th excerpt:

Dean’s pocket was taller than Oscar, but for a kid who grew up knowing how to climb, that was more of an inconvenience than a hindrance. He hoisted himself to his feet, and then some. Hand over hand, Oscar pulled himself up to the edge of the pocket with a heavy heartbeat cheering him on just inches away.

The pocket flap gave him trouble. Oscar reached the top edge and clung to it with one hand. The other pushed against the flap awkwardly, letting in sporadic bursts of outside light before it fumbled back into place.