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So I think that There’s No Place Like Home is actually talking about Bowman’s home. He needs some rescuing in the Bowman Lost stories (sob), and it makes me feel better to think that he will be rescued soon. And I will continue to think that until proven otherwise. Please..!!!

Well, as the title states, someone’s home will be in it… and it certainly won’t be Sam and Dean’s, since the closest they have to a home is the Impala…

Who else is suffering through Bowman Lost with me and @kajensen07? I’m reading this all for the first time as it’s posted! –nightmares06 

Will Bowman lost be continued?


It sure will! Right now chapters are posting on Thursdays in the afternoon (CST; I put them up sometime after work). If you want the gallery to keep an eye on it, here’s the deviantart link: x 

As of this ask, there are 4 chapters up so far.

Bowman Lost is an offshoot of the Brothers Lost AU made by @neonthewrite and @nightmares06. While that AU focuses on the miniature Sam and Dean Winchester and their very own Godzilla (Jacob Andris), Bowman Leafwing is nowhere to be found. Bowman Lost offers an explanation for that.

Bowman Lost 1 – Giant in Wellwood


Deep in the woods, far past the designated campgrounds, the forest was serene, all but glowing with verdant life. Birds sang to each other and fluttered their wings in mock chases. Squirrels, fat from the campers that left food out or took it upon themselves to feed the wildlife, spiraled around rough trunks of oak trees or curled up in the smooth branches of birch. Ferns and foliage carpeted the ground, broken up by narrow deer trails that meandered like arteries in the greater living thing that the forest truly was. Golden sunshine lit up motes of pollen floating lazily in the air.

Among the peaceful scene, grunts of pain and discomfort barely broke into the tranquil sound. A voice smaller than the chatters of a squirrel muttered something, and then huffed in frustration. Its source hung from a tree branch, suspended in a net of thin, earthy-colored ropes.

Bowman Leafwing could fit one arm through the openings of the net and no more. He tried his best anyway, straining against his bonds and cursing to himself. Whoever would leave something so dangerous around would have some answering to do, as soon as he tracked down the responsible party.

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Bowman Lost Excerpt


“Oh yeah, he’s amazingly intelligent for something his size. Once you manage to get him talking he actually never shuts up.”

“That’s right, you said he talks,” the man said, an interested gleam in his eyes. He stood up straight again and patted down his shirt. Then, he gestured at the cage. “Do you mind getting him out for me to see?”

Bowman Lost Excerpt


The newcomer had a certain way about him … there was more confidence in the way he held himself, his hair and face were kept much cleaner, and he didn’t have the tired bags under his eyes that his current human captor always had. His clothes were more complicated than anything the other human wore. Bowman had only ever seen a button up shirt on TV before.

The man turned his head towards the large glass enclosure and a ripple of ice snaked its way up Bowman’s spine. Even though there was no way the humans could see him where he hid, he immediately didn’t like that human.

Not that he liked any human, but this one was more unsettling than usual.

“That where it lives?” he asked, confirming Bowman’s dislike of him. It?!

Bowman Lost Excerpt


The human took notes and sketches, stretched out Bowman’s wings and other limbs so he could note where the joints were and how they moved. He even learned, without Bowman telling him, that the wings could photosynthesize.

Bowman never opened up about how it all worked. A part of him worried just how far the giant would go for the answers, but other than some uncomfortable sessions with a wing stretched out for sketching and measuring, he wasn’t harmed.

Not on the outside, anyway.

Bowman Lost Excerpt


When he didn’t get an answer, he tugged harder on the harness. Bowman stumbled backwards in surprise, and one foot landed on air as he reached the edge of the railing.

When he’d learned how to fly, Bowman had moved on to learning all kinds of aerial tricks and acrobatics. He practiced every day, even when he should have been practicing his Prayers more. He gave up finesse with the Earth Spirit’s magic to soar through the air instead. Bowman’s dexterity in flight improved every day from then on.

One of the tricks he’d perfected was correcting a freefall in barely more than an instant. After falling backwards off the railing, his body twisted around almost as though on instinct.

Bowman Lost Excerpt


Bowman crouched down on the railing to watch the world go by. Without thinking, his hands dropped to the surface beneath him and brushed over the pronounced grain of the dead wood. The railing came from a tree that had long since died for the humans to build their dwellings. It was so different from the way the sprites used trees.

Back home, tucked away in the very center of Wellwood, his home, the village nestled on a stand of pine trees. Each home was shaped out of the wood itself, often with the trunk as support and propped up on a branch. Everything smelled of pine, strong and alive, and the wood grain wasn’t just a side effect. It was part of home and safety.