When exactly in Brothers Apart do the Food and Monsters events take place in?

  • Pizza and Hexbags, the first in the series, takes place before Home, the 4th Brothers Apart story.
  • Salads and Sulfur, part of Food and Monsters, takes place before Taken, the 7th Brothers Apart installment.
  • Popcorn and No Monsters takes place right after the events of Salads and Sulfur.
  • Burgers and Pixie Dust is right after A Lich of Sense (it even borrows some of the text from the end of that story).
  • The Real Adventure Begins is right after that one.
  • Aaaand Chow Mein and Graveyards is pretty much right after.

So far, the series has not caught up with the latest events of Brothers Apart, but before we know it it’ll be time for me to add another installment to Oscar’s adventures.


So, In “Bedtime Stories” (Season 3, Episode 5), Dean had taken a role as a fairy tale character (the hunter from red riding hood) and Sam didn’t. But if the BA brothers would’ve taken this case, I have a feeling Sam would’ve had more than enough trouble with his role. He’ll probably have the Thumbelina role, or should I say – Sambelina? Can’t help but imagining him somehow managing to get himself kidnapped by a frigging toad, Dean will never let him hear the end of it!

No, I doubt Sam would ever hear the end of it, especially if Dean had to rescue him!

Gotta play his part ;P


Dean and Sam Winchester fan art for brothers apart! @nightmare06 @neonthebright @brothers apart. Dean and Sam are exhausted after a routine salt and burn, they were both asleep before their heads hit the pillow! But don’t worry, Sam dosent mind sleeping with dean every once in a while. even if he was to tired to recognise the difference between a hand and his blanket, he knows dean’s got him.