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In coth(bf) we’ve gotten sneak peeks of a certain shrunken Logan, which was probably the result of the mushroom. In ttol’s(ba) sneak peeks we also got to see him in his shrunken state, although I think it’s more likely that in this au he’s under Celeste’s curse (it looks like he’s got a knack – speed/fast runner). Both scenarios are shrinking curses by angels(archangels) -do they have anything else in common? What are the differences between Celeste’s curse and the Gabriel’s wonderland mushroom?

You’ve got a good bit of this right, but #ttol definitely does not happen in Brothers Apart! Logan is not under Celeste’s curse.

(I did tell @neonthebright that now she should totally come up with a knack for him tho….)

As for poor Logan. Gabe will be the first person to admit the mushroom’s great power is– you got it!– shrinking! And that’s it. He designed it on a whim, spotting his sister dear’s interest in this group and decided to give them a test of his own making.

Since he is a trickster, his tests are not always survivable, and this one especially so. Bite the mushroom, shrink. He never really thought someone might bite it again! So there was no built-in defense to prevent Jake from shrinking a second time.

(Bite it a third time and we might be getting into the realm from The Incredible Shrinking Sam and neon cringes). 

So the main difference between Gabriel’s mushroom and Celeste’s curse is the amount of thought that went into their plans. Hers has spanned generations, and she has carefully cultivated her experiments until finally reaching the point where it’s ready to come to a head, while Gabriel? Saw a mushroom, pointed, said “Boo!” and shrank the teddy.

Play more Super Mario, Jacob.

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myimaginedairybeard asked:

(If I get anything wrong, please let me know)You said Destiel and Johnlock isn’t canon in the BA universe, so I get that there not gonna be together, but does that necessarily mean that all four of them are heterosexual?(Aside from whether it will actually show in the stories).I know you have quite a few lgbt OCs(Stan, Nathan, Chase, Jacob, did I miss anyone?), are there any other characters from the LGBT society? I love all your characters and your work is amazing! Thank for being so awesome!

Well, you’ve got it half right– two of the four are hetero!

Dean and John stick with strictly hetero relationships in the Brothers Apart multiverse, but Sherlock and Cas are another story.

As an angel of the Lord, Castiel in his angelic form is both agender and asexual. He does take on the attributes of his vessel if he inhabits them for long enough, so when Dean knows him he is a male, while he has also been a female in the distant past. Sherlock, as well, is asexual, married to his work more than any person he could fall in love with. 

As far as other characters that appear in the storylines that are on the LGBT spectrum, we do actually have quite a few others…

Celeste, like her younger brother Castiel, was agender and asexual, though in the past she has shown a liking for women, and has currently been inhabiting a vessel for several hundred years, giving her a female way of thinking as she picks up her vessel’s habits.

All aeternum sprites are strictly feminine. There are no males of their race (making Sam quite an odd sight for Nixie!), and they do have relationships with each other. The fire sprites especially, with the burning passion that they feel for all things. Air sprites as well, though those relationships tend to spark quickly and end fast. Water and earth are more subdued, but very committed partners.

The characters Bardolph and Xander (who appear in this short story, and will be appearing later on in Brothers Apart season 3), are a pair of borrowers that will also fit on the spectrum. Barry has no interest in women, and Xander is surprised to find out he’s interested in both men and women. They’re particular faves.

Barry and Xander, done by @dolphiana!

Adriana the witch is as straight as a lightning bolt, but not in a good way. She’s perfectly willing to use people, men or women, to further her cause. Relationships are no exception. 

Adriana of the Woods, by @mogadeer!


Yep, you got Jacob and Chase right! Jacob Andris is ace/aro, so he’d be less interested in dating and more interested in being your buddy. He’s a very good hugger and listener, so that’s a good combo right there. Chase Lisong is bisexual with no strong preference of any gender over another.

In addition to them, nearly every one of my sprites (including Bowman Leafwing) is biromantic/demisexual.

I also have Elias Dawn, a genderfluid/pansexual trickster that may someday make an appearance in the BA Multiverse!

Artwork by @therealbrigeedarocks

How is it that Bigfoot’s A Hoax isn’t in the BA universe, but Brothers Kept is??


If a story has Celeste and her curse present, it’s a BA universe story.

All other stories, such as Bigfoot’s a Hoax, The Comeback Kid, Reversal of Fate… these are all written in the canon Supernatural universe with only small tweaks to the storyline, mostly in the style of a case!fic.

Dean is cursed to be tiny in Brothers Kept, the lucky duck, so it takes place in an admittedly-twisted version of the BA universe.

Meanwhile, Jacob’s size change was due to chaos spellwork when he was a giant, and the person that is responsible for his current ‘little’ issue the story ended on has yet to be revealed, and will be a big part of the sequel (which we currently only have the description written down for).

There are a few storylines that will be in the Brothers Apart multiverse yet have both brothers be full-sized (Brothers United, Brothers Chosen). We know it’s the same multiverse because there is a curse victim in the story (Oscar, Stan Baker).

Hope this helps!

If Sam’s curse is bounded to his soul, what would happen to him if is soulless? Will he grow back or stay small? Will the curse just be easier to lift?

Good question! And one that I grappled with a while back.

In essence, removing Sam’s soul from his body won’t cause his body to grow back. If it did, we’d have dead borrowers popping back to normal size all the time!

Essentially, the curse needs to be stripped from the host soul in order for them to return back to their normal size. Otherwise it leaves an imprint on the body it left behind and small they stay. This is something that Celeste, and only Celeste, knows how to do, and she’s certainly not about to just casually go break her own curse. She’s the only one able to tamper with her own archangel Grace that’s been intertwinned with the borrower souls.

So, I assume Gabriel (as the trickster) has the same timeline awareness as Celeste and, in that case, he’s equally likely to show up in the other timelines with knowledge of what might go down?

For these AUs (this isn’t at all an ability in canon Supernatural), all archangels share the same awareness of other timelines, some stronger than others. 

Gabriel is one of the ones that has a sharp awareness of other timelines, because he likes to dabble in alternate realities on the side (The Lounge in BA, Changing Channels and Mystery Spot on Supernatural).

He will show up in other, future stories. He better just watch out if anyone recognizes the bartender in the Lounge!

When the 2 regular Winchesters and giant Jacob arrive at the Lounge (that is going to be entertaining), will the others start bombarding questions on how Dean managed to save Sam, and himself, from the witch? I can already imagine the confusion


In the actual story they might not. Part of the ‘protective’ enchantment over the place is everyone can sense certain details about the others, so they automatically know which Sam is their Sam or that this Dean is actually Dean.

(That way none of the Deans tries shooting up the place when he finds it full of ten other hims)

But it would be pretty funny to find themselves beset by a bunch of guys wondering how the hell, when the truth is they just never encountered Celeste or stayed at that motel!

Okay, stemming off of my last theory/question about Celeste, if she has an awareness of her other selves, does that mean that there is a certain concrete order in which the AU’s occur? (So that she retains the memory of which ways have failed?)

Well, for this I usually stick to the order the AUs were actually created in! (Not necessarily the order they posted in, because we opened up the poll for deciding which story posts next). Not that all apply this way, because some were actually designed around this concept.

First is of course

Brothers Apart, and that’s in front of all other AUs. The original, the first, the basis for all that follows. 

It’s followed by the main ones that we’ve played around with–

Brothers Found,

Brothers Consulted,

Brothers Saved,

Brothers Lost,

Brothers Together, 

Brothers Grounded.

She did throw Sam a bone in Brothers Adopted and Brothers Divided. Maybe if he has a little brother to look after, he’ll keep out of trouble until she needs him.

Maybe if she coaxes them to go to a different motel they’ll keep away from her little experiments? She might lose Sam as a curse victim, but there are other ways in Brothers United.

No more Walt to bother her Sam in Brothers Unexpected

Following that is

Brothers Asunder, when she gets fed up with Sam and Dean. Bowman better watch himself there. She’s seen him interfering a few times.

Sherlock should watch where he sticks his nose, because one of these days she might not just leave him to be the Consulting Detective like he enjoys. Stan got himself in some trouble too, leading to

Brothers Chosen.

Brothers Kept

currently takes place last, though there may be another AU placed around the same basic period with Celeste. Here she’s thrown out the rules and tossed Sam and Dean into the (currently) worst case scenario.

So I’ve got this head cannon that every story in your different series are connected to each other by Celeste. I think that she can hop through timelines so that, if it looks like she will lose or if she’s defeated, she can always start over with a new(-ish) plan…I may be totally wrong, but that’s my current theory.

Lol! It’s not far off from what’s really going on…

I don’t have her directly hopping from AU to AU, but she does have an awareness of her other selves in the other universes, part of her abilities as an archangel. She considers them all a part of her, so to offend one is to offend them all. You can see this most in Brothers Asunder right now, where she rips Sam away from his family in as complete a way as possible, throwing him into the distant Wellwood forest as punishment for what other Sam and Deans have done.

( excerpt from Sam of Wellwood )

Also if you kill one Celeste, the others remain untouched.

Quote: Do you know how many times this same story has played out? Sometimes John saves you, sometimes he doesn’t. Sometimes that little thorn, Walt, interferes. Sometimes he doesn’t. But you know my favorite part? The fact that you two little dears just never figure me out. Bumbling around, saving people, hunting things. You can’t see past what’s right in front of your faces. You’re mine. And you always will be.

Artwork by @thefriendlypigeon

Wait wait wait, fallen ARCHangel??????

Yep! Fallen Archangel!

Directly from the wikipedia on Saraquael (Sariel):

Origen identified Sariel as one of seven angels who are primordial powers

There are seven archangels in mythical lore, one of which is

Saraqael. She is older than Gabriel but younger than Lucifer and Michael, and was shredded by having to watch her older brothers fight.


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