September 2nd excerpt: 

“Got the room number?” Dean asked Sam, who was down on the seat next to him, messing with the phone. Jacob’s text had come in, spelling out the room he was in and what car to look for.

“Room one-oh-four,” Sam called up, pushing the phone aside.

Dean eyed up the parking lot, spotting the Mercury Cougar parked out front the designated place. “This has to be it,” he said, holding out a hand for Sam.

August 29th excerpt:

Jacob glanced over the information printed on the card while he dug his cell phone from his pocket. On any other day, he might have joked about the dark green ink Bowman had used to cross out the name John Bonham printed on the card and scripted in Dean and Sam Winchester instead.

August 8th excerpt:

Dean side-eyed Jacob as he tucked his wallet and phone into his pants. “I don’t do girlfriends,” he said shortly, the image of his latest fling on his mind as he shoved the rest of his supplies into his duffel bag. “This job doesn’t leave room for attachments.”

July 16th excerpt:

This phone held John’s number, Bobby’s, Sam’s cell he’d bought at the beginning of the year in case the kid needed to call him from the room, their new friend Jacob, known through their association with the wood sprite Bowman Leafwing, and some of Dean’s old hunting buddies. This meant it was seconds before Dean had the message up on his phone, holding it towards John for him to see.

8-13-05; 12:07AM – Haven, Kansas

“Dean,” John said slowly. “I don’t know who sent you that message, but it wasn’t me.

Dean closed his mouth from the shock. “Then who–“

March 31st excerpt:

There was something about seeing his own familiar phone on a huge scale, held easily in a hand that was even bigger. Jacob always knew his phone was on the little side, but it was a weird show of perspective to have it look both dwarfed in Dean’s grip and big enough that if it closed on him, it would crush him.

“Yeah, I mean, they’ll worry I might get cranky if I don’t get enough sleep,” he answered flatly, before looking back at the screen and sighing faintly. “Just, uh. Okay, tell her ‘vacationing with Lisongs,’ that should be enough.” He rubbed the back of his neck self-consciously, weirded out by the fact that he was asking someone else to do something as simple as send a text for him.

Dean’s thumb was bigger than Jacob, and as it navigated the buttons and punched out a simple message, he couldn’t help but wonder how much damage that much pressure would do if Jacob got in the way of it.

February 27th excerpt:

A loud guitar riff cut through the room, startling Sam in his seat and nearly causing him to scribble across his current page. They rarely got any phone calls, so it was a shock to hear. Sam turned towards the bathroom, where Dean was brushing his teeth (or so Sam assumed from the noises he could hear). “Hey, Dean!” he hollered, working hard to project his soft voice across the gap between them. “Phone!”

After a muffled reply from Dean, Sam got up and wandered over to the phone, one of those new smartphones with a touch screen that made it easy for him to use at his size. He smiled when he saw it was Jacob, but before he could hit the button to answer, Dean was stomping noisily over, trying to wipe his face off with a towel. Sam made a face. His experience with motel cleaning crews didn’t make him eager to use any of the towels in the room.

Dean’s hand swept down, scooping up the phone while Sam was offered his other hand in a far more careful motion.

February 26th excerpt:

Jacob hesitated before taking that last step and leaning on SEND; up until now, he’d merely had a view of trees and birds and squirrels at his new (hopefully not permanent) size. Calling Dean meant he’d be asking someone over six feet tall to come to his aid.

So far, it’s been a secret, but you asked so nicely we’ll let everyone know :3

The story with extra smol Jacob is found in Brothers Found, so this tiny little guy is used to standing at a full 6′5″ tall normally! He’s really not prepared for what happens – and he doesn’t even shrink to just over an inch at the start. It begins with him ending up ‘sprite-sized,’ as Bowman so eloquently puts it.

Jacob hesitated before taking that last step and leaning on SEND; up until now, he’d merely had a view of trees and birds and squirrels at his new (hopefully not permanent) size. Calling Dean meant he’d be asking someone over six feet tall to come to his aid. With Jacob standing just over four inches, that would a huge shock.

But, he had to stop and remind himself, Dean was probably the best person to trust with this situation. Dean’s younger brother, Sam, was this size, after all. Not from the same thing, as he understood it (thankfully, since they had never found any leads on getting Sam back to his natural size), but still. Dean knew how to deal with smaller people better than anyone else. The guy would probably give Jacob endless shit about it (especially since Jacob had finally passed him in height), but if anyone in the world could help, it was Dean and Sam Winchester.

“Well? Prove that it works!” Bowman said, impatient as he stared at the device. Even when he’d seen Jacob using the phone, he never had a great angle on the object in action. He was convinced that Jacob was either joking with him, or that the device ran by magic. As Jacob pressed a button with a weird green symbol, Bowman watched the phone with eager curiosity. At least it was a momentary distraction from the fact that one of his best friends was almost a twentieth of his usual gigantic size.

February 27th excerpt:

The walls closed around their heads again, and the tension left Dean’s shoulders. Sam lead the way back to their place, and Dean awkwardly picked up the phone, doing his best to not run into the walls with the way it offset his balance.

Sam leaned against the block that covered the door, hefting it aside and giving Dean space to sidle in the small nook with the phone.

Dean managed to dump the phone on the ground with a facsimile of grace, brushing his hands off. “There we go!” he declared. “Easy as pie.”