February 27th excerpt:

A loud guitar riff cut through the room, startling Sam in his seat and nearly causing him to scribble across his current page. They rarely got any phone calls, so it was a shock to hear. Sam turned towards the bathroom, where Dean was brushing his teeth (or so Sam assumed from the noises he could hear). “Hey, Dean!” he hollered, working hard to project his soft voice across the gap between them. “Phone!”

After a muffled reply from Dean, Sam got up and wandered over to the phone, one of those new smartphones with a touch screen that made it easy for him to use at his size. He smiled when he saw it was Jacob, but before he could hit the button to answer, Dean was stomping noisily over, trying to wipe his face off with a towel. Sam made a face. His experience with motel cleaning crews didn’t make him eager to use any of the towels in the room.

Dean’s hand swept down, scooping up the phone while Sam was offered his other hand in a far more careful motion.

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