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In Brothers Chosen, how would other borrowers react to the trio? Oz? Jake? Imagine Sam and Dean trying to calm down one after catching them, trying to convince them they’re not going to hurt them or keep them as pets… Stan make it a little harder though. P.S. I noticed that Stan and Arthur look really similar- fire red hair, really pale, green eyes. But that’s just a coincidence, right…?


xD This is actually the second time one of my character designs has been compared to one of @nightmares06‘s characters, and I swear it’s not a conscious thing. Stan Baker’s character was designed somewhat on a whim since he was never meant to be fully developed at first. Any resemblance between Stan and Arthur is purely coincidence!


Stan would actually also fit into the 1997 The Borrowers movie with that bright red hair and freckles!


Oscar would be nervous about the three of them right off the bat, but that isn’t very different from how he usually is around new people. He’d be trying to run away from Sam and Dean the best he could, and then he would be very very confused about Stan. Then, once the confusion wore off a little, he would practically cling to the other smol for some comfort in the face of that Winchester Intensity. They loom without trying.

Jacob would be weirded out by Stan, but it would also make him pause enough to listen. So long as he doesn’t manage a good jab with his iron nail, I think it’d be easy to smooth over any misunderstandings (which is kinda rare when Dean and Jacob are up against each other, tbh).

How does Sean looks like?

Sorry this took so long! 

I was actually hoping to find a face claim, but he’s got very dark skin, chocolate brown eyes, and his hair was very short. It’s grown out some since he was cursed, but he doesn’t like it when it grows out, so he’ll likely convince Walt or Sam to help him with a hair cut.

He’s about shoulder height for Sam, and when he finishes growing, he’ll be slightly taller than Walt, but won’t be able to reach Sam’s lofty 4 inches.

Krissy is very pale from her family living in the motel for her entire life. She has very wispy, light brown hair that is messier than not. Her eyes are a very pale green. After her father died in an accident, her mother became very withdrawn. Mallory took her under her wing and taught her how to make her own clothes later on in life, and after that her family started to dress better. She also has a brother who was eight years old at the time that Brothers Apart began.

She was the one to pull Walt out of the wreckage and nurse him back to health.

Artwork by Heartstores

Krissy © @nightmares06