August 1st excerpt:

“Oh thank God!” came an unfamiliar voice from the side, and Dean found himself staring at the kids from the newspaper.

“You… can call me Dean,” he slurred. Then, the rest of his memories came rushing back and Dean tried to jerk his arm from the tree he was tied to so he could check his pocket. “Jacob! Shit, what happened when I was out!”

April 5th excerpt:

“The other part, the important part, is if anyone you don’t know is around, you freeze. The second you move, their eyes might be drawn right to you the way you’ll spot a spider on the wall and that’s when you have to worry.”

Nixie’s eyes darted from sprite to sprite, searching for the one in charge.

Dean drew Sam close to his chest, green eyes wide at the sight of the blue, protective barrier that wrapped around them in an orb and separated them both from the fiery blaze. Glimmering blue droplets hit the brothers with light splashes, helping to soothe the burns they’d acquired in the time they’d been under assault. Nixie did what she could, but none of the water was from a fresh spring, cutting down her ability to heal to almost nothing.

Before she could discover which fire sprite was controlling the rest, one separated from the swift whirlwind of sprites. Red eyes glittering, the sultry young sprite glared at she who was interfering. “Nixie. This is interference. You must stop.” She drifted over to the barrier, brushing her fingers against it. “You are bound as we all are to not interfere with other sprites. You must submit to me. My purpose is primary.”

“Ilyana!” Nixie said, her voice full of natural command as she beheld her youngest sister. “You must cease this attack. These humans are the ones that stopped our dark brother at their own peril. They have earned our thanks, not our anger.” She drew herself up in the air, hanging motionless with her wings spread. With the amount of magic she was channeling she had no need to flap her wings to remain suspended in midair.

She gave Ilyana her most confident stare. “I do not attack, and I do not submit. I stand in your way, sister.”

Story excerpt from The Schism of Fire and Water

Artwork by @lamthetwickster (x)