More Sawlie for @borrowedtimeandspace, because I felt like it. X3 Send me a prompt? I scribble during work.

A sleepy quiet had settled over the house. The middle-aged couple that lived there had gone out to dinner for the night, and wouldn’t be back until much later. Inside, the rooms were empty, dark now that the sun had set and filled only with the steady hum of various electronics and appliances.

Within the walls it was just as quiet. Charlie was in the small, makeshift kitchen in the small, makeshift house built inside the back wall of the hall closet. He was reorganizing things in the cabinets, mostly leftovers from dinner that could be saved for later. Frowning, he stood up on his tiptoes and tried to slide half a walnut onto the top shelf. He couldn’t quite reach.

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A commission for @neonthebright of her character Oscar and my characters Charlie and Sawyer. This takes place in an AU where they both adopt Oscar and give him all the love and food he deserves! (It’s probably the cutest AU ever.) Oscar’s never been outside before, so he’s having a fun time trying out all the new things to do!

Side note, if you’re interested in commissioning me, I’m going to be releasing a new commission sheet later this week, so keep your eyes open!

Art belongs to me, commissioned for @neonthebright who has rights to use it as she pleases.



I didn’t want to spend the inevitable eons coloring this, since this is all about getting practice actually drawing the dang stuff, but it looked weird as just line art so have some grayscale. (Also I realize Sawyer does not look super stuck but believe me he is, the doorway is v smol. Plus all my lines are shaky but hey, I guess that’s why I’m practicing.)

This AU is the cutest thing ever. I really love it. X3 Charlie and Sawyer belong to me, Oscar belongs to @neonthebright.

Send me a doodle request? I’m practicing digital only stuff on my tablet.

Well, I don’t have any plans in mind currently, but I’ve discussed it with a few friends before. All I’ve got is ideas I might never get around to writing, considering how thick in work and other stories I’m buried in! ( All ideas dreamed up with inotnedloh)

  • Tiny Dean being Charlie’s wingman and pointing out the hot chicks from his pace on her shoulder. Also giving her advice on guys to avoid. And if any guys try and put an arm around her shoulder he’s ready to stab!
  • Sam and Dean with someone out to get them posing as action figures in her collection. ( I’m gonna be honest, Brothers Lost is my new favorite thing )
  • Tiny Charlie dancing with her action figures.

If anyone wants to give them a shot, let me know! I’m always up for some more stories to read.

Just be sure to credit the ideas to inotnedloh and @nightmares06 if you use the ones here. ^-^

Until then, has everyone checked out @little-miss-maggie‘s tiny Charlie fic? If not, I highly recommend it! 

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