Wait wait wait, fallen ARCHangel??????

Yep! Fallen Archangel!

Directly from the wikipedia on Saraquael (Sariel):

Origen identified Sariel as one of seven angels who are primordial powers

There are seven archangels in mythical lore, one of which is

Saraqael. She is older than Gabriel but younger than Lucifer and Michael, and was shredded by having to watch her older brothers fight.


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Is celeste really lilith or eve? Weren’t they one if the 6 things the door wouldn’t kill, I think it was Phoenix ash that was needed to do that. Also, please tell me the lightning was castiel. It needs to be him because he just zapped to earth and fell off a roof would be hilarious

Well, I can’t say too much without giving it all away! Her story will be out this Wednesday and everyone will finally be in on the secret.

About the colt… There are five things in all of creation in the original Supernatural storyline that it can’t kill. All I can say is as much as this story follows the Supernatural style, their canon isn’t BA canon, and so only time will tell on why it didn’t kill her. 

The colt never got used on Eve, so we won’t ever know if she could be killed with it.

In Brothers Divided, Dean never woke up and found Sam trying to break Jacob out of the vase (Brothers Adopted early storyline). ‘Cause of that, they can’t get Jacob out, Sam is stuck between a rock and a hard place, and finds himself losing his adopted younger brother to the giant that trapped him.


I appreciate this a lot! Like I said, it is so good to know that people are excited for more chapters, because it means the story is doing something right! We want people to have as much fun as we do with them. Just remember that we all work very hard on these stories, and there’s no need to be dismissive of one chapter in favor of the next just because it doesn’t contain the event you’re looking for.

To be perfectly honest, we’re probably just as excited to see the reaction when the time comes in most cases. 


The way the curse itself works on the cursed children actually heightens their immune systems along with making them far stronger than an average human.

It’s extremely hard to get them sick with a common cold or the flu or even regular viruses. Not impossible, but as close to it as they can get. Their bodies fight off the infections long before they notice.

Getting drunk is far easier, and their own damn fault if they do it (smol Dean could use some lessons in portion control when it comes to drinking).

Of course, living most of their lives without getting common illnesses also leaves them incredibly unprepared if someone does get sick, the way Sam had no idea how to tend his older brother when Dean made the mistake of drinking until he got the worst hangover.

They’re much better at this now with some schooling from Jacob.