You reposted my old ff from so many years ago, and I didnt recognize it until I saw the author was me! So many spelling errors and Pentagon when I ment pentagram. At least j got a little better since then.

I love that story! It’s always been a fave!

I’m trying to get some way of cataloging the fanfics for BA, and hopefully get more people over and reading them on the other sites. And have them look in some kind of order, since there’s so many different sites they can be on and even I can lose track of good stories. Let me know if you don’t want your stories to have a post like that and I can always take them down!

I think in the new au I’d like to see some pleasant interactions, it looks like Sam has it off to a good start by not trapping Jacob, but just genuine good feels. Like taking dean to see his car, or taking them outside just for funsies.

Oh, yes. Sam’s already looking to be starting off with a better record than Dean.

No vase, for one.

They’ll definitely have to take Dean to see his car! It might be one of the few things to coax him out into the open like that, while he’s still getting to know Sam all over again.

Sam is so going to try and low-key spoil his (tiny) big brother once they clear that mess all up! After all, he thought Dean died protecting him. Now Sam knows Dean survived abandoned.

In the new (ish) story w tiny Dean and big Stan , I feel like Dean has anxiety and just general stress both in and out of the wazoo. Can you spare a exerpt when he isn’t stressing?

Dean is about 99% STRESS in most of Kept so far, so those excerpts would be pretty hard to find! 😂

In his defense, he has a lot to worry about! What if they don’t like him? What if they decide he’s too much work and send him back? And of course, Stan went and bought him without telling Nate first! What if Nate doesn’t like him??


Artwork by @wolfie180g

I have a feeling that Dean will re use the mushroom that Jacob bit, in for science, and somehow slip it into Logan to make him smaller in the upcoming stories

@chewbaccaaah asked:

Honestly, if Logan is hunting the sprites, I don’t feel like Dean would have any remorse about using the mushroom to make him small. Make him the prey.

Dean won’t be able to touch the mushroom in For Science, since the story for the mushroom happens in the Found universe, and he’s left in the Apart universe.

So Good News, he isn’t shrunk by the Trickster’s tricks.

Bad News, he wasn’t shrunk by the Trickster’s tricks.

Dean in Brothers Found is certainly likely to hang onto that mushroom and turn it into a little lesson on perspective for certain people… He’s not the type to feel any sympathy for people like that.