October 11th excerpt:

Just an inch or two later, Jacob had to pause as his hands cramped up from clinging so tightly to the string. His knuckles were white from the strain, and he stared at them ruefully. After a second’s break, he tried descending just a little more, hand over hand. When trying to get his grip on the next section of string, he couldn’t hold tightly enough before he slid, no more than a half inch.

It was enough for the friction burn to sting, and Jacob grimaced. “Fuckdammit!”

September 6th excerpt:

While Dean was distracted, he felt the sleeve of his shirt move, then the sensation of two tiny boots climbing up came. Sam was quick to get to his shoulder while he was down on the ground, claiming his regular perch.

“Ready,” Sam declared in satisfaction.

Dean moved his hands, about to push himself up, when he paused. Sam’s home was wide open. Before leaving, Dean took one of the larger books and placed it so it was blocking the entrance.

March 12th excerpt:

Seeing no options on top of the bed, Jacob edged toward the side. Peering over the side was like looking down into a canyon. He’d only climbed down the blankets to the floor once before, and that was with someone nearby to catch him in case he slipped.

There was a resounding click followed by the ominous echo of a door creaking open. Jacob didn’t have any time.

He started a downward climb. It was tough, and clumsy for someone who didn’t practice climbing much at all, but his fingers fit in the weave of the blanket hanging over the side of the bed. It was like climbing down a huge, thick net.

November 8th excerpt:

“Uh. Pocket okay?” Jacob asked, glancing at Sam in the mirror.

“That works.”

Instead of waiting for Jacob’s assistance, Sam scaled down from Jacob’s shoulder and ducked in the pocket himself, much like he did with Dean when the coast was clear. From here, Sam stood to check the height of the pocket, finding himself just tall enough to see out while standing.

Definitely deeper than Dean’s. Those were child’s play for Sam, unless he got buttoned in.

October 8th excerpt:

Jacob jolted at the sight of that mean-looking little fishhook soaring into the air. His lips parted and he lowered his head so he could see the underbelly of the car easier. To his astonishment, the hook caught on a small, nondescript opening in the metal, and the line pulled taut in Sam’s grip.

Holy shit, Jacob thought, an amazed smile sneaking onto his face. He couldn’t help it. That was badass.

While Sam scurried up the climbing line like it was as easy as breathing, Jacob watched in awed silence. Bowman would never be able to do something like that. He had enough trouble climbing on the fabric of Jacob’s hoodie and had to be rescued if he fell into the hood itself. Jacob doubted Sam would have the same trouble with it.

September 8th excerpt:

Dean dropped a hand to the table, fingers idly pressing into the nicked wood surface. “I think it’s time to head there and check things out,” he decided.

Sam cast a glance over his shoulder at Jacob as he darted towards the hand Dean had left resting on the table for him. After so long spent with Dean, it was easy to recognize an “all aboard!” gesture. Hitching up his satchel, Sam bounded onto the back of Dean’s hand and began to scale up the muscular arm, taking advantage of handholds in the fabric that neither human could see.

June 20th excerpt:

This movement caught Dean off guard, and left the smaller man clinging to the curls in surprise. “What did I say about movin?’ “ he scolded, frozen in place until he was absolutely certain Sherlock wasn’t going to knock him off. “This is hard enough already! I’d like to see you climb someone’s hair.

Taking a deep breath to steel himself and forcing any thought of how high up he was suspended in the air on a moving person, Dean started to climb again.

Only now, he put more effort into where his boots dug into Sherlock’s scalp. 

For traction.