How is it that Bigfoot’s A Hoax isn’t in the BA universe, but Brothers Kept is??


If a story has Celeste and her curse present, it’s a BA universe story.

All other stories, such as Bigfoot’s a Hoax, The Comeback Kid, Reversal of Fate… these are all written in the canon Supernatural universe with only small tweaks to the storyline, mostly in the style of a case!fic.

Dean is cursed to be tiny in Brothers Kept, the lucky duck, so it takes place in an admittedly-twisted version of the BA universe.

Meanwhile, Jacob’s size change was due to chaos spellwork when he was a giant, and the person that is responsible for his current ‘little’ issue the story ended on has yet to be revealed, and will be a big part of the sequel (which we currently only have the description written down for).

There are a few storylines that will be in the Brothers Apart multiverse yet have both brothers be full-sized (Brothers United, Brothers Chosen). We know it’s the same multiverse because there is a curse victim in the story (Oscar, Stan Baker).

Hope this helps!

Oh, oh! Is it Regarding Jacob?

You nailed it on the head! #rj stands for Regarding Jacob, and these boys are about to have more than they can handle with Jacob going the way of Dean in that similar episode…

The woman merely cocked her head, emotionless as she withdrew her hand. Those cold blue eyes never flickered. “Looks like you need a lesson on who’s really in charge here,” she said calmly. “It was never Dean, bless his stubborn heart. He’s tried so many times to throw himself in my way. It’s never worked out for him.”

Muttering a few obscure words under her breath, the woman sketched an arcane symbol in the air. The blue in her eyes grew stronger and more forceful, chasing the shadows around them away. “What’s a few memories between friends?” she asked rhetorically, then plunged her hand through the air, a thumb planting on Jacob’s forehead. A spark of purple light spread from her thumb to his eyes.

The enchantment rippled from her words to his mind, taking seed and planting itself. As she withdrew her touch and stepped back, shadows rushing from the bushes to engulf her silhouette, all that could be seen as the magic took effect on Jacob was a purple reflection in his eyes, and even that was quenched.

July 22nd excerpt:

“Some days I wonder if it’s worth the effort to curse you like little Sammy here. You’d get none of the benefits, but then… you’re just a thorn in my side to begin with. A tiny, insignificant thorn.”

Part of Dean turned to stone at the implied threat, the other part… “You said it only works on children,” he said flatly.

“Oh, I say… a lot of things,” she said teasingly, turning her back on him and dismissing him as a threat. She walked back towards the table.

April 29th excerpt:

“Life isn’t about what’s deserved. Or what’s fair. No, this is about what’s needed. For everyone. If everyone got what they deserved, Dean wouldn’t have been abandoned by his father. You wouldn’t be cursed. And Jakey would be living a normal life with his family.”

After coming to terms with the existence of witches and magic, and fuming over the attack on John, Sherlock would research his brains out trying to find a way to fix his flatmate.

In the meantime, their relationship would remain the same. Sherlock would see no reason to treat John any differently just because he changed sizes, though his protective side will certainly show. John will be safe, and the most he’ll have to worry about is how portable he is now. Sherlock can and would easily pluck up his tiny doctor and carry him along wherever he’s going. Poor John might have to fight for a bit of independence, but that’s about it.

And John will definitely find some creative way to defend himself, just in case he and Sherlock are separated.

Celeste very rarely gives away her secrets, and often uses the promise of knowledge like that to taunt her victims. Sam still only has vague notions of why he himself was cursed, so it can be assumed she won’t be letting us in on that secret for a good long while.

So far the only knowledge we have of her in Brothers Adopted is her brief appearance in the short story Ice Cream.

More of Jacob’s past will be revealed in First Hunt, so stay tuned!