January 30th excerpt:

I should have left them at Bobby’s. I can’t find her trail anywhere. She vanished into thin air like she never existed a few towns out. Bobby’s helping me try and pick up her trail again, but so far nothing.

I’ll never forgive myself.

I’m sorry, Mary. I lost your baby boys.

John got the hell out of there. He didn’t actually know that Sam was cursed and with them until probably about a half hour into the drive. He thought that the witch had taken his youngest and was gunning for his eldest. His first thought was getting Dean the hell out of that motel and out of her reach.

Dean managed to pull himself together enough to reveal what he had cupped between his hands. Poor Sam was downsized to two and a half inches. They ended up on the side of the road when John was too shocked to keep driving.

With Sam unconscious and no way for them to wake him, they drove to Bobby’s. Dean refused to leave Sam’s side. While John and Bobby were desperately searching for a cure or a curse reversal, he was there with his brother in his hands, watching over him.

When Sam woke up a week later, he and Dean were in their own room at Bobby’s, but his bed was now too big. So Dean kept him on his chest to sleep, where he could make sure Sam was safe the entire time.

Dean groaned as he read over the text. “This is boring,” he grumbled. “We should sneak out and get ice cream.”

Sam scoffed, taking a few steps on Dean’s back. He’d started out perched on Dean’s head so he could read over the assignment, but Dean spent so much of his time grumbling over the work, he was still on the same page five minutes after Sam had finished.

After being this size for a few weeks, he was beginning to find it far more intriguing than frightening. So long as their dad wasn’t yelling at them, of course. Even now, he could feel the muscles shift under his feet as Dean finally went to turn the page. He was massively outsized, but perfectly safe where he was.

“Y’know that I can’t give you all the answers,” Sam pointed out, walking back up to a shoulder so he could peer off. “You need to do some of it for yourself.”

No one had spotted Sam yet, not even during a test. He was small enough to use the folds in the shirt to hide in, and his voice was soft enough that the other students couldn’t hear him. Dean’s grades had taken an upswing, even with the course material a few years ahead of where Sam was. It was a welcome challenge that he could use to keep his mind off things.

Dean reached the end of the reading and grabbed a notebook. “Whatever. But you’re still helping me with the homework, pint-size. Can’t have you slacking off either.”

Sam hid a smirk as he swung his legs off the edge of the shoulder, letting them dangle before he dropped down to the soft mattress below. He landed in a pile, bouncing slightly before he caught his balance. From this angle, he was completely bathed in shadow from above, Dean’s shoulders blocking the light.

Making his way over to the book, he glanced up at Dean. “Do you at least have something my size to write with?”

Dean looked like a deer in headlights when he was put on the spot. He glanced between Sam, who stood all of two and a half inches tall, and the pencil in his hand, which was easily five inches, if not longer.

“Uhh…” Dean trailed off.

Sam rolled his eyes. “Looks like you’ll still be doing the work,” he jabbed.

I have a feeling, if cats can pull off a bitchface, that’s what Dean will be getting for that picture. Super teeny kitty, though! So cute, and it’s probably a good thing he only has itty bitty claws. Dean will probably be driving him nuts before they manage to get him back to normal.

Dean Rescues Sam

BA Canon: No || AU

Timeline: 1993 (Dean is 14; Sam is 10)

(Part 3 of 4)

Dean tried to ignore the argument as he sullenly got ready for school, shoving an extra notebook into his backpack. It wasn’t like he was going to be in the school long enough to actually learn anything. What the hell was the point?

John glared down at his younger son, who was doing his best to stand his ground on the table. At only two and a half inches tall, a glare like that wasn’t easy to look into without flinching.

“Dad, it’s just school,” Sam protested. “How can I keep up if I stay in the motel all day?”

“It’s not safe,” John said grimly. “What if someone sees you? It’s not a risk you’re taking. You’ll be safer back here with me. When Dean gets back he can fill you in on what he learned.”

Sam rolled his eyes, knowing as well as Dean did that his older brother rarely paid attention long enough in class to soak up the lessons. John’s eyes narrowed. “Sam…”

“Fine,” Sam snapped. He kicked the pen that was left near him on the table. “I’ll stay,” he finished in a mumble.

John nodded sharply. He spotted Dean, still standing in the shadow of the bathroom. “Don’t you have somewhere to be?” he snapped. The recent reveal of his younger son’s curse had left his patience thin. Dean and Sam were both treading on thin ice constantly.

Dean didn’t say a word, just swung his backpack onto his shoulders. He tried to give Sam a reassuring glance, I’ll be back soon, but Sam refused to meet his gaze. Great, Dean thought. Bad enough he had to leave the two of them alone. Worse that neither of them was happy with him.

John grabbed a set of clothing, stomping into the bathroom. “Make sure the door is locked behind you!” he shouted at Dean, paying no mind to the way Sam flinched at the loud noise.

Dean shuffled his way out of the room, trying to draw out the time until he left.

He was so withdrawn into himself that he never noticed the weight that slipped into his pocket when he passed by the table.

( Part 1 || Part 2 )

What if… Dean was the one that got cursed…

( A/N: Inspired by the asks that came in previously in the week, I actually squiggled out a bit of a borrower!Dean~verse start. I don’t know how far it will go, but I figure a few little drabbles here and there with a teeny Dean will be a nice change! More on the way soon! (Also, this is not a finished story, so even I don’t know what will happen before the end) )

Dean’s hand went to his amulet, the memory of his younger brother, big hazel eyes staring hopefully at him as he opened the gift coming back as clear as day. He would never risk taking it off, afraid of losing it to an errant gust of air, or slipping into a crack to vanish forever.

After all, that same brother was now a towering giant, wherever he might be. If he found Dean, he would simply catch his older brother and drop him into a cage. Maybe worse, depending on the way their dad had trained him. Dean would cling to those memories like a lifeboat, knowing he’d never see Sam again.


Those memories would never leave him, but here and now he needed to stay sharp. He came up to the end of the vent, suspended up in the air almost six feet. The design of the motel had never made sense to him, but who was he to question it?

No one would listen to a man that stood under four inches tall.

Dean leaned against the grate, staring out into the immense motel room.

The vertigo hit him, as it always did, but this was more important than his fears or the thought of getting teased because he was afraid of heights. Those eyes, seen so briefly in the room earlier, haunted him. Soft, familiar hazels that forced his mind into the past, to a time before he’d been cursed. So many years ago now… soon he would have lived over half his life under this infernal curse.

At the table below, the man that had checked in earlier was sitting with a dusty old book. One huge hand turned the page with a loud crinkle, smoothing it carefully down. Fluffy brown hair was scattered messily about, in clear need of a good brush. Dean’s hand went to his own hair instinctively, trying to fix his spiky style. Cutting it himself didn’t make it easy, but he persevered.

While Dean was distracted, he accidentally leaned too much of his weight on the grate. With a loud, echoing Creak! the air vent slid shut, sending him to his knees without warning. He slammed into the metal ground with a loud (to his ears) thump.

He froze.

( A/N #2: This starts after the original ask )

He’d have to work hard to keep up with Dean’s slew of nicknames that he’ll be hearing all day. Gigantor. Godzilla. King Kong. Everyone’s favorite Sasquatch. Sam would just laugh and make fun of the fact that Dean can’t touch the ceiling when he’s standing up. Dean’s angry glare is a lot less intimidating when he can’t quite reach the top of your boot, that’s for sure.

If he gets too annoying, that’s easily solved by dropping a dirty sock on his head. Just watch out for his revenge. It’ll come when you least expect it.

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If Dean got cursed, he’d be endlessly teased by Krissy for being afraid of heights. Sam and John would have ended up butting heads all the time, Dean was one of the only things that held them together as long as it was on the show. Dean also might have been a bit more of a ninja if he was in Sam’s room, so he wouldn’t have gotten caught the same way Sam did. But those hazel eyes and floppy hair seem so familiar… He’s going to need to scout out that room again. He just can’t get those expressive hazel eyes out of his mind.

A big Sam would have him underestimating his own strength… things are so much lighter now! Who knew he’d be so strong? And Dean would have to make sure Sam knew where he was at all times, since the younger brother is nowhere near as used to watching where he walks as the older brother is. And we all know how Dean is with heights. The poor guy will not enjoy hanging out on a shoulder the way Sam does at all!

Maybe he can at least discover the joys of giant pie, if Sam can figure out how to use a credit card and buy him some.

There will definitely be some size shenanigans in the future of the series! Things would be too easy to just leave things alone, right? Those boys have to stay on their toes!