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I’m sorry if this has been answered before, but what would have happened if John Winchester found both of his boys hit by the curse at the time that it happened? Would he have stayed with them or just dropped them off at Bobby’s?

It might have come up before, but I can’t remember for sure, lol.

John would have brought them to Bobby’s at first, because it’s one of the most secure places around for hunters of the supernatural.

Since both brothers are cursed, they can’t risk leaving them on their own. John and Bobby will work in shifts tracking the witch, a week at a time. When one’s on the road hunting her, the other is watching the boys.

Her trail evaporates very quickly, and it’s not long before John has to face the brutal reality of having two tiny children in a life of hunting. Bobby can’t watch them forever, and it’s not safe to leave them at such a vulnerable size.

It won’t take long for the brothers to feel more like a burden than John’s children in this scenario.

**I won’t write out this kind of scenario, mainly because John Win is a big source of writer’s block for me.

They’d be intrigued, but also very wary!

If Sam ran into the smaller brother first, they’d both be so confused by finding another person their size around. Then if the taller brother comes in, Dean might try his best to get between the little guys and the other kid, resulting in two humans bristling at each other while Sam and the little guy realized what was really going on.

“Hey, you know him?”

Confusion ensues while Sam talks Dean down from his overprotective side.

References (Brothers Lost!)

Since I started getting commissions of my stories, I’ve been slowly compiling a bunch of references to use for these commissions. This new post will cover Sam and Dean both from Brothers Lost:


Before the curse, Dean made Sam a knife for protection. What he rarely mentions in Brothers Apart, at least up until he starts carrying the knife with him in The Schism of Fire and Water, is that he made a knife for himself. So both brothers in Brothers Lost are ready to fight to defend themselves, and they mean business. Don’t let their size deceive you.


Climbing is an essential skill for survival for both of these brothers, and they took advantage of Dean’s budding ability to search out what he needs to find these two. Sam’s was in an obvious area of the room (for them), dropped right in the closet. Dean found his own single prong hook mixed in with miscellaneous trash the fisherman left behind in his room. Without Dean’s knack, they would have overlooked the little silver glint in their hurry to leave when a maid arrived.


Walt made each brother their own bag out of leather. While Sam accepted the bag he was given without issue, Walt ended up making Dean a duffel bag just like he’d had as a kid, before the curse.

March 10th excerpt:

Sam’s mouth turned dry, and he shot a look at Dean. Give it a shot? he mouthed at his brother, having heard nothing of this from anyone. He rubbed the back of his neck in a distracted gesture, trying to brush away the warning tingle of humans watching them.

Dean was almost glowing with hope. He nodded eagerly. “It’s a cleansing spell,” he said in a hushed voice. “Maybe it can cleanse the curse just like the hex. It can’t hurt, right?”

Oh, Garth. How I love him. But it’s so hard to predict his actions because it will all depend on how events play out.

After all, this is the guy who killed the tooth fairy. 


So, if the smol brothers are up to shenanigans, they should be sure to duck into hiding if he’s around. If they’re in trouble, there’s a good chance he’ll help out these very strange curse victims. If it’s just Sam smol, Garth will have a Dean solidly in between him and Sam until Sam gets his overprotective big brother to chill.

March 1st excerpt:

The Winchesters will raise questions if anyone sees them and realizes who they are.

There was a click, then a dial tone filled the air. Dean stomped on the END button with his boot, for once having nothing to say to the last statement. Even Sam was quiet where he was sitting on the edge of the laptop.

Jacob pursed his lips, letting Bobby’s words sink in. He hadn’t considered other humans, especially hunters, finding out about Sam and Dean if they went to Bobby’s again.

February 26th excerpt:

“I’ll … I’ll hold down the fort for you guys, then,” he agreed, relaxing a little into the chair.

It didn’t take long for them to head out. The name of the game, as far as Dean was concerned, seemed to be to prepare for anything. They didn’t need any more than the leather bags their adopted dad had made for them. Jacob caught a glimpse of them before they left, marveling at the fact that they were rat leather, and yet looked like any cowhide he’d ever seen.

January 30th excerpt:

I should have left them at Bobby’s. I can’t find her trail anywhere. She vanished into thin air like she never existed a few towns out. Bobby’s helping me try and pick up her trail again, but so far nothing.

I’ll never forgive myself.

I’m sorry, Mary. I lost your baby boys.

January 12th excerpt:

Dean! ” Sam hissed from his station next to the hook. “He’s back!”

Dean’s blood chilled as he turned around. The sound of immense feet scuffing against the ground outside sent daggers of fear up his back. Shoes big enough to crush Dean and Sam from existence at the same time without their owner even noticing crunched against gravel and crumbling asphalt.